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  • Abuse vs Substance Essay

    Abuse vs. Substance Use Disorder Kristin Whitford Liberty University Relationship between abuse of substance and Substance Use Disorders The problem of drug use and alcohol has haunted us for a long time. We even see these issues arise in the Bible. There are a variety of reasons for substance use and abuse. According to Doweiko (2015) says that a person may use because of previously impulses, to cope with situations and pain, try new things, escape from social status, and use

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  • Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Service

    The Partnership at Drug Free Organization and Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Service conducted a national survey in which they found that 23, 50 million American adults are active involved in the use, and abuse of some substances. Substance use disorder is a condition that results, when a person ingests a substance such as alcohol, cocaine, opiates, marijuana or other drug that can be pleasurable, but they continue its use which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary responsibilities

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  • Substance Abuse Is A Huge Deal

    on the mind and brain one common factor is the continued use even after problems arise in the abusers personal life. Substance abuse does not only affect the person abusing the drug, but also those around the person, especially family and friends. These people are the ones that tend to either perpetuate the problem or help to prevent the problem from continuing. Substance abuse is a huge deal not only because of the harm that it brings to the abuser and his family, but also because of the amount

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  • Substance Abuse And Child Abuse

    Substance Abuse Along with stress, family dysfunction, and social isolation, substance abuse has also been linked with an increased risk of child abuse and neglect. Aspects of the family environment can be a useful and vital assessment aspect for identifying child abuse and neglect. According to a study conducted by Shanta Dube, Robert Anda, Vincent Felitti, Janet Croft, Valerie Edwards, and Wayne Gills (2001), there was a strong relationship between parental alcohol abuse and each of the 10 adverse

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  • Substance Abuse and Pregnancy Essay

    Kaisha Killion Professor Salmond Developmental Psychology 27 Sept. 2013 Substance Abuse and Pregnancy Women are incredible creatures. Women have the incredible ability to aid in the development of a new life within a matter of months. Whether a pregnancy is wanted or unplanned the process of development for the young zygote nestled within the mother’s womb is still phenomenal. The developing bundles of cells are very vulnerable from the very start to the end of a pregnancy. The progress

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  • Substance Abuse in America Essay

    rising substance abuse epidemic has brought about a renewed interested in determining the root cause of substance abuse, the effects of substance abuse on individuals and societies, and the substance abuse treatment modalities that achieve the best outcomes. In reviewing the current research on substance abuse there seems to be no one clear cause of substance abuse disorders, although there is strong evidence that a number of life circumstances may predispose an individual to a substance abuse disorder

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  • Alcohol Abuse And Substance Abuse

    Alcohol Abuse Amber Wienberg Brown Mackie College- Lenexa, KS July 11, 2015 Alcohol Abuse Alcohol is the most abuse and widely used substance (Fortinash & Worret, 2012, pg. 333). According to Fortinash and Worret, 9.6% of American males and 3.2% of American females are alcohol dependent (2012, pg. 33). As stated by Psychology Today, alcohol abuse is defined by: failure to fulfill major school, work or home responsibilities, drink and driving, reoccurring legal issues related to alcohol

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  • Substance Abuse And Substance Related Disorders

    encounters on a day-to-day basis is the management of individuals with and other aspects of substance-related and addictive disorders. As of 2013, a projected 20.3 million individuals aged 18 or older had a substance use disorder (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 2014). In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the category of substance-related disorders includes ten distinct classes of drugs, including alcohol, cannabis

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Elderly

    issues that are being overlooked in the elderly population. Substance abuse in the elderly is one of the fastest growing issues in the United States. The use of alcohol or "misuse" of alochol can place the elderly in many detrimental psychological, physical, and social consequences that may be undetected. There are many reasons for geriatric substance abuse and many ways in which nurses can impact misuse in a positive way. Substance abuse usually doesn’t occur with the elderly buying and taking drugs

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  • The Rehabilitation Program For Substance Abuse

    sought help from an inpatient treatment center. During this time, I was evaluated and diagnosed with a depressive disorder. Due to this diagnosis, I received mental health services in addition to participating in the rehabilitation program for substance abuse. As I progressed through the 6-month program, a medical professional determined I had a progressive form of bilateral hearing loss for which I also received treatment. Meeting these challenges gave me a sense of purpose and clear vocational direction

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  • Drug Abuse And Substance Abuse

    years there has been an increase in the use of Opioids. I would not have realized how big the drug epidemic was if I had not taken the Addiction and Substance Abuse weekend intensive here at the School of Social Work. Throughout the three-day weekend we learned about many different addictions, but one day focused on drug courts and substance abuse and I knew I wanted to learn more. I choose to focus on prescription drugs, mainly opioids, because of how readily available these drug are. Opioids are

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  • Substance Abuse And Mental Health

    had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year. Of the 2.6 million adolescents in past year that had a major depressive episode (MDE) 977,000 received treatment for depression. This represented 38.1 percent of adolescents with past year MDE. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) These statistics help to reinforce the idea that many people have a negative opinion about getting treatment for mental health issues. This could be because the person personally experiencing the issues

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  • Substance Abuse And Substance Dependence

    addicted to certain substances were possessed by the devil, or ____ [CITE]. Treatment for drug-dependent people involved _____ from a priest (instead of dr). As time has progressed, the way in which we perceive abnormal behaviour has evolved from a religious and philosophical context, to scientific and empirically grounded interpretations [CITE]. Although many uncertainties remain, the explanation of substance dependence has diversified to include two fundamental cues of abuse, which are psychological

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  • Substance Abuse and the Elderly

    Substance Abuse and the Elderly Substance abuse in the elderly exists just as in any other population. Many seniors develop substance abuse problems due to circumstances or situations due to the aging process. A report by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that 17% of adults age 60 and older are affected by alcohol abuse and abuse of legal drugs. The report also states that a third of those seniors who abuse substances did

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  • Substance Abuse And Mental Health

    17.3 million people over the age of 11 met the diagnostic criteria for substance dependence or abuse that included alcohol (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA], 2014). The reports indicates that while 14.7 million of these individuals were dependent on or abused alcohol alone 4.3 million were dependent on alcohol and at least one illicit drug. The report goes on to mention of those with substance use issues that included alcohol 7.9 percent sought treatment at in patient

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  • Substance Abuse Essay

    Substance Abuse Prevention Programs: Operation, Funding, and Effectiveness. Candace Taylor Grand Canyon University Author Note All correspondence to this research should be forwarded to Candace Taylor. Substance abuse has become a serious issue in America. More and more of America’s youth are starting to use drugs than usual. To prevent this, there are many substance abuse prevention programs that are in place to try and prevent this before it even begins. Three programs were examined for

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  • Substance Abuse And Its Effects On Society

    Introduction “Substance abuse affects all age groups, but it is developed throughout youth causing direct impact to our society” (Sober College, 2014). There is no debate that substance abuse negatively affects a large amount of the population. This applies to every society as substance abuse is not limited to those with a high socioeconomic status and vice versa (Renneboog, 2014). Accordingly, this study deals with substance abuse, specifically the factors of substance abuse in youth. This is a

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  • The Substance Abuse Relapse Assessment

    and utilize and understand test outcomes impartially, in unprejudiced means. The Substance Abuse Relapse Assessment was intended for individuals 16 years old and older who have a past of drug and or alcohol abuse or whose capability to evade relapses is in query (Buros, 2014). It is an interview-based valuation that emphases on the configuration of substance use, constructive and undesirable consequences of substance use, present coping skills, and level of self-assurance (Buros, 2014). It was intended

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children

    decision making. These types of rash behaviors an adolescent will take, greatly impacts their development for years to come. We will examine how these behavior hinder their development. Substance abuse has the potential to inhibit healthy neurological development. While participating in substance abuse a significant social emotional and academic development disrupts and even prohibits healthy effective skills and development. For example, they may make risky behaviors that often lead to physical

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  • Substance Abuse And Its Effects On Individuals

    Throughout the United States there is a popularity of substance abuse among several age groups. Now what does it mean by abusing substances? By definition, substance abuse is the excessive use of addictive substances for example- drugs, nicotine or alcohol without medical justification. The issue of substance abuse is getting prevalent all over the community. Alcohol, over-dosed medications, narcotic, illegal drugs, over-the-counter are both abused among teens, young adults and mid-aged adults

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  • Addiction Treatment Of Substance Abuse

    deciding where to go for substance abuse or addiction treatment it is important to consider whether it is in your best interest to stay local or travel to a new area. Addiction treatment centers in Fayetteville, Arkansas can help guide you to the road to recovery whether you are a local resident or are coming to Fayetteville from outside the state. Addiction treatment centers in Fayetteville, Arkansas welcome all those who are looking forward to a new life in recovery. Substance abuse is a pattern of behavior

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Teens

    Substance Abuse in Teens Over 60 percent of teens report that drugs of some kind are kept, sold, and used at their high school. In a teen’s eye, high school is all about fitting in or being the popular one. Because of this, students succumb to peer pressure in the form of alcohol and drugs abuse. As more and more teens jump into the first years of high school, they are exposed to more social hazards. Almost 50 percent of high school seniors have abused a drug of some kind. The use of drugs

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  • A Study On Substance Abuse Disorder

    would be around me), I could give up Facebook, but I don’t think that would really bother me, I could also give up Netflix, but that wouldn’t really bother me either. After much consideration if I really wanted an experience that would mimic a substance abuse disorder I had to give up chocolate. The experiment started off easily enough. I decided to give up chocolate. Luckily enough I did not have any chocolate in my room to get rid of. I was given a brilliant piece of advice, and that was to find

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children

    begin. Dad had just gotten home from the bar. He had been spending all day smoking and drinking. My parents would fight for hours on end about how my father was addicted. Today, too many families have this problem because parents abuse substances. Substance abuse is an issue that many families deal with. Drugs and alcohol tore my family apart. I was about four years old when my brother was born. A few months after he was born my dad started heavily drinking and smoking. His habit worsened

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  • Addiction Treatment Of Substance Abuse

    Fort Smith, Arkansas are uniquely qualified to fulfil your needs and the Area surrounding addiction treatment centers in Fort Smith, Arkansas is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. Substance Abuse is occurs with the habitual misuse of alcohol or drugs. The first signs that a problem with substance abuse has developed usually involve careless and negligent behaviors. These behaviors become apparent through a general lack of conscientiousness and total disregard for how their behavior affects

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  • Substance And Substance Abuse Disorder

    be living with a substance abuse disorder. Also, it goes into detail about the differences between “substance intoxication,” “substance withdrawal,” and “substance dependence.” Substance intoxication takes place when one is under the influence of a substance and is experiencing mood and behavior altering affects. Substance withdrawal is when one is experiencing an uncomfortable occurrence that results when one is not taking a substance. Substance dependence occurs when a substance is consuming one’s

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  • Alcohol Abuse And Substance Abuse

    Consequently, Jennison (2004, p.659) also verified college binge drinkers are more likely to develop one or more alcohol related diagnostic criteria such as alcohol abuse and dependence in post college years compared to non-alcohol drinkers. In line with Jennison’s study, the research (National Center on Addiction and Substance abuse, 2002, cited in Doran et al, 2006, P.1920) depicted that the early starting drinking in adolescent is related to developing alcohol issues as well as trying other illicit

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  • Substance Abuse And Domestic Violence

    the number one external cause of death, with 39,147 deaths” (Swensen, 2014). Substance abuse including alcohol and drugs is linked to different negative social conditions, such as family disruptions, financial issues, school failure, decrease or lost in productivity, crime, child abuse, and domestic violence. In addition, legal response and social attitudes to the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs make substance abuse one of the most complex public health issues because it affect the individual

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children

    parent(s) who has substance abuse problem (Rockville, The NSDUH Report: Child living with substance-depending or substance-abusing parent , 2009). A parental substance identified as a threat that influence for child maltreatment and child welfare involvement in the family (Hanson, Sel-Brown, Fricker-Elhai, & Kilpatrick, 2006). Research conducted by child protection services (CPS) classified parental substance abuse as one of the five key aspects that foreseen a report to CPS for abuse of neglect.Once

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  • Substance Use And Substance Abuse

    their pregnancy.3 Thus, substance use is highly prevalent in pregnant women” (Epidemiology of Substance Abuse). That is 800,000 women who smoke cigarettes, 760,000 women who drink alcohol, 800,000 women who use legal drugs, and 400,000 women who use illicit drugs during their pregnancy. So while the percentages seem small it is evident that the actual number of pregnant women affected by drugs is quite large. The World Health Organizational (2014) states that substance abuse can be defined as a risky

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  • Family and Substance Abuse Paper

    Running head: FAMILY AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE PAPER Family and Substance Abuse Paper Launita J. Grand Canyon University March 11, 2013 Family and Substance Abuse Paper When an individual has a disorder with substance abuse and how family is involved, it can be a very uncomfortable situation for both the abuser and family members. When the abuser is an adolescent, the program may need consent from the adolescent before communicating with the parent, whether the communication is over the course

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  • Addiction : Substance Abuse Addiction

    Using any type of addiction as it is as a substance abuse, addiction or an activity abuse addiction, they both can have a massive impact someone lives and their love ones life. In 2013, there were a total of 43,982 deaths from overdose total, 16,235 for prescription analgesics total, and a total of 6,235 for heroin overdose. Most people who are drug additives probably die from an over dosage of the drug that they may be taking or they could have been experimenting a new high or more powerful drug

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  • Addiction : Substance Abuse And Drug Abuse

    Addiction or substance abuse can affect anyone, and it is important for not only the addict to understand, but also the family, friends, community and medical field as well. Millions of people suffer from addiction, from drinking, use of prescription drugs non-medically, substance abuse of illicit and over-the-counter medications. According to SAMHSA 's National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 22.5 million people (8.5 percent of the U.S. population) aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit

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  • Substance Abuse And Its Effects On Society

    Substance abuse has varies effects on an individual and their surroundings especially society as a whole. The government has spent more than 200 billion dollars annually in the United States alone in their approach to decrease substance abuse. The expenditures can be accounted for the improvement of abuse, unemployment, criminal activity, illnesses, homelessness and domestic violence. Data has shown that drug abuse is the result of as many as four demises and is the effects of negative social and

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  • Essay on Substance Abuse

    Introduction Substance abuse is all too common within most populations, especially in a lower economic class. In fact, drugs are the new fashion craze. Designer drugs are now grabbing young adult’s attention and more attention in the older adult population as well. Some of the people that you may see on the streets would probably be your typical user, but there are some drugs that are being used by your everyday “girl or boy next door” types. When it comes to helping

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  • Drug Abuse And Substance Abuse

    addictive substance that alters one’s mental faculties is consider a psychoactive drug. However, some substances can be beneficial to a person. For example, when a person is injured, and receives a powerful narcotic to control the pain. Although, if the same person after the injury has healed continues to use the narcotic in ways that it was not intended by the doctor, we can have described the person as being addicted to the medication. Yet, how do we determine addiction to a substance to substance abuse

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  • Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Service

    Organization and Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Service conducted a national survey and they found that 23,50 million American adults are overcoming an active involvement in the use and abuse of some substances. Drug abuse is a global problem because this destroys addicts and their environment. For many decades drug abuse were cataloged such as criminals, rascals, and unscrupulous people. Nowadays scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists argue that drug abuse has a ship to the disease of addiction

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  • Problem With Substance Abuse A Child

    is their parents, many children like to be like their parents and some even pretend to be their parents. When something is wrong with adults many children can pick up on these emotions that they are conveying. When a parent has a problem with substance abuse a child can also pick up on this. Some children may see this as normal and others may blame themselves for what is wrong with their parent does. Because if this abnormal childhood they go through these children are forced to mature faster than

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  • The Gender Differences Of Substance Abuse

    In this paper I will be addressing the gender difference on substance abuse; looking into what makes a specific gender more prevalent to alcohol and drug dependency. According to many of the scholarly articles I’ve read men are much more likely to have chemical dependency issues. Looking deeper in the issue I found that there may be a link between society and these dependencies as well as some genes in men that aren’t in women. According to The Psychiatric Clinics of North America the Epidemiologic

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  • Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Fetus

    Impact of substance abuse on the fetus As is known the use of toxic substances during pregnancy is harmful for the fetus, and can lead to have baby disorders at birth, including causing the baby’s death. Alcohol, cigarettes and street drugs are examples of substances known to have harmful effects on the fetus. Any amount of these substances is consider unsafe for the fetus at any time of the pregnancy. A better example of street drugs will be marijuana

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Workplace

    these effects include mental illness, substance abuse, physical ailments, unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, and an increased risk of STD’s. Victims often experience many of these effects and may even fear for their life. Since it’s not uncommon for victims to stay in abusive relationships, the abuse may continue for many years, increasing the risks of negative effects on the victim’s mind and body. Substance abuse can be a way for the victim to cope with the abuse in their daily lives. Drugs and alcohol

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  • Essay on Substance Abuse

    Substance Abuse Substance Abuse is a problem for social workers around the country no matter where you go. There are a number of different social problems, and social systems that a social worker will have to deal with when working in this field. I will hope to address the problem of substance abuse, and the different techniques used in order to cure a client suffering from substance abuse. Substance abuse social workers assess and treat individuals with substance abuse problems, which include

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  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace Essay

    Substance Abuse in the Workplace Substance abuse in the workplace is one of the top concerns in the United States today. “Studies show that 73 percent of drug users are employed, costing American businesses billions of dollars annually in lost production and staffing costs (Walsh).” “Due to higher employment rates and rising substance abuse, the chances that your organization employs one of these 8.1 million workers is greater today than it has been in the past several years (Walsh)

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  • Essay on Adhd and Substance Abuse

    ADHD and Substance Abuse                                                                                                The Evidence Of Substance Abuse With ADHD                          The purpose of this paper is to identify the link between ADHD and substance abuse. Substance abuse is a true threat to people who are diagnosed with psychological disorders. Among the questions of precursors to substance abuse, lies the hypothesis that individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

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  • High Risk Of Substance Abuse

    Young people and teens are at high risk of substance abuse because these substances are easily accessible especially at parties and because doing drugs in high school is often seen as "cool." Social workers work to prevent teens and other clients from developing an addiction and in order to help these young people a social worker must understand the biology behind these substances as addictions are biological. For example, alcohol abuse is prevalent among this group as teens have access to it at

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  • The Problem Of Substance Abuse

    Cases of substance abuse are most often looked at individually, looking at the abuser and their problems, however addiction affects the whole family, especially in situations where there are children involved. These children face difficulties from the start often starting with fetal alcohol syndrome or neonatal abstinence syndrome, having to cope with neglect, role reversal, and emotional chaos, with the higher risk that they will become addicted to drugs or alcohol themselves. The parental use

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  • Domestic Violence And Substance Abuse

    Data: Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse A direct relationship has been found between severity of substance abuse and the extent of conjugal violence (Brown et. al, 1999). The statistical relationship between the two has been proven: 59% of men in inpatient detoxification units have behaved violently toward their wives, 70% of abused wives describe their husbands as alcohol dependent, and 75% of surveyed wives of alcoholics report being threatened with physical harm (Chartas & Culbreth, 2001)

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children

    there are some individuals who do. These people are called substance abusers. There are also individuals who smoke, snort, and ingest multiple different substances as a way to handle problems or just for recreational use. However drugs are used, they have a tendency to be abused. Substance abuse causes problems for everyone involved in drug abuser 's life. However, when symptoms begin to show and once an individual knows what substance abuse is, they can recognize the impact it can have on everyone

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  • Substance Abuse And The Addicted Population

    Substance Abuse and the Addicted Population Patrick Whisnant & Derick Matherne Southeastern Louisiana University Nursing 482-91I Substance abuse is a major issue that affects many individuals around the country. According to the Community Catalyst Organization’s website, “About 23 million Americans suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, but only about 11 percent get the treatment they need”(Ough, 2014). Not only does it affect a large majority of the population but many of these individuals

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  • Youth Substance Abuse At Savannah

    Youth Substance Abuse Savannah was ten when she first started using.Both of her parents were active addicts.It was her mom who first got her into it.Savanhans mom acted more as a teenager and a friend rather then a mother,she gave her pills for the first time. Savannah was living with her back then and started using constantly,taking a lot of pills,smoking weed,and drinking a lot.Pills were her main substance:percocet,vicodin,a lot of downers. Savanah not only struggled from depression but she

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