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  • Managing The Merger With Professionalism, Transparency, And With Charm

    When two companies merge, one being domestic, the other multinational, the management teams from both of the organizations face many challenges. The mission is strategical to manage the merger with professionalism, transparency, and with charm. The objective is to create a new company that will become bigger and better in the business that it serves and with the product that it sells. Managers, as well as employees, are aware of the changes that will come about; however, how the changes are dealt

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  • Professionalism Essay

     Professionalism What does Professionalism mean to me? Professionalism in my term means it is someone who is very dedicated to their profession. It is an important and great decision to follow by the rules and ethics of professionalism. If we did not have anyone that cared about their profession it would cause a lot of problems in our society today. It could cause a lot of disruption in your workplace. In order to abide by professionalism you must take pride in your job, percieve realistic

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  • Essay about What Is the Ideal College?

    pick our top college choices, and decide on our majors. When a person is searching for a college, then they are thinking, “What is my ideal college?” The ideal college has excellent academics, a comfortable social environment, and outstanding professionalism. They have a lot to think about, but it is really not as hard as they think if they stick to these three things. The most important thing that students should consider when searching for “the ideal college” is academics. This includes the major

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  • Professionalism Theory : Virginia Henderson 's Needs Theory

    Professionalism Theory Paper Virginia Henderson’s needs theory provides a definition of nursing, describes a nurse’s role, and formulates a nursing care which is focused on assisting individuals to reach a level of independence in meeting with basic human needs. Henderson’s needs theory is easy to incorporate into clinical practice and serves as a guide for a patient and nurse to reach the chosen goal. In the past, the nursing profession was seen as linked to medicine, and has not had a separate

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  • The Effects Of Workplace On The Workplace

    When I think of workplace professionalism, what comes to mind first is – ability to keep a proper distance and appropriate closeness to one’s coworkers and customers (patients, clients, etc.) I think the workplace can sometimes become an all-too-comfortable environment. It is easy, especially for those who have had a long acquaintance with one place to consider their workplace a “second home”. It is easy to grow too close to coworkers and start treating them like friends. Because of this, professional

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  • Rise of Professionalism in Sports

    past. Academic results were the most important. However, in recent years, we have produced star players, like Remy Ong, who did our country proud by winning many international tournaments. Hence, our government decided to support the rise of professionalism in sports in Singapore by emphasizing more on it than before. Evidence of this would be the recruitment of foreign talent such as table-tennis champ, Li Jiawei from China, etc. and also the setting up of the Singapore Sports School in Woodlands

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  • Defining Professionalism Essay

    willing to listen to, be guided by, that still small voice that is the G.P.S. within yourself, to find out what makes you come alive, you will more than okay” (Winfrey, 2013). We now know that Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates define their own professionalism by their drive to succeed, their motivation from failures, and their need to help others. No matter what life has to throw at us, we must take the initiative to make a change in this world no matter how small that change might be. “I hope you

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  • Professionalism, Ethics And Law Initial Apprehensions

    Professionalism, Ethics and Law Initial Apprehensions When I realized that I would be taking a course focusing on ethics and legal issues in counseling, I must admit that I was a bit intimidated. Weeks before the course started, I mentioned to my husband that I may need his encouragement and help since he is an attorney. The only prior knowledge that I had on law and ethics was through overhearing my husband talk about legal issues and ethics related to current events that we see on the nightly

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  • Professionalism : The And Professionalism

    Professionalization and professionalism are two very similar words but both have different meanings. Professionalism is considered more of an image because one demonstrates skill, good judgment, and a polite behaviour geared towards specific professions. Professionalization on the other hand is defined as the social process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true profession. Without professionalization, standards would not be set for an individual to act professionally. Both

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  • Elements Of Professional Nursing Roles

    importance of understanding the following concepts: Professionalism, The Healthcare Delivery System, Health Ethics, Teamwork and Collaboration and Health Law is vital for any individual seeking nursing as a profession because they relate to everything that a nurse would encounter during his or her practice. The healthcare delivery system is significant to quality improvement and cost-effectiveness when providing patient care (Cherry B., 2011). Professionalism is important to nursing practice because it

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  • Army. Corrective Training for Infractions

    Accountability And Professionalism Home page » Miscellaneous Related Essays Accountability Of Professional Nurses: Informed Consent Informed consent is used as a safeguard to ensure the patients understanding of the care or procedure Accounting Ethics from practice. Finally disciplinary proceedings may be brought against an accountant by professional societies such as the AICPA. Most states have statues imposing Accounting Ethics disciplinary proceedings may be brought against an accountant

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  • Professionalism And Patient Family Centered Care

    of the key elements in nursing are professionalism and patient-family-centered care. These two concepts not only show that nursing is a profession and that a nurse is always a nurse, on or off of the clock; furthermore, it shows the characteristics of all nurses to be professional yet empathetic, stern yet caring. Nurses do not follow the rules of professionalism and patient-family-centered care, they define the rules. Nurses define the rules of professionalism by how they present themselves, however

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  • What Is Professionalism? An Adult

    What is Professionalism? There comes a point in time where everyone must act like an adult. This includes things like paying bills, grocery shopping, working, and taking care of a family. Being a professional can help you with some of them especially when you are working. Professionalism is defined as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. A profession is defined as a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic

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  • The Importance Of Nursing At My Nursing Professionalism Course This Semester

    attending my nursing professionalism course this semester. By taking this course I have begun setting a foundation for my nursing career. I now understand that Nursing is a career that encompasses the importance of professionalism, nursing attributes, responsibilities, inter-professionalism, communication skills, and QSEN qualities such the integration of evidence based practice, reducing medical errors, patient-centered care, quality care, and safety of patients. Professionalism for a nurse begins

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  • Professionalism Essay

    Professionalism and Teamwork Mark A. Colebrook Dr. Kennedy JWI: 505 Business Communication August 7, 2014 Abstract This paper addresses a presentation that I will deliver to a group of educators (Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, Teacher’s Assistants, and any other person in the education arena). By reading this paper it will help guide you through the journey of my presentation where I will definitely convince you of the importance of having effective Professional Learning Communities

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  • Aviation Professionalism And The Aviation Industry

    my thinking. That course topic was aviation professionalism. This is something that is vital when trying to be successful at your job no matter the position. That’s why it is a great concept because anybody working in the aviation industry should be an aviation professional. I am going to go over why aviation professionalism is important and what are some key areas where it is needed and some ways we can prepare. Merriam-Webster defines professionalism as the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior

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  • My Development Communication And Professionalism Abilities

    This essay will purely be based on the reflection of my development in communication and professionalism abilities. It will also include an action plan to identify four goals, which will continue to develop my communication and professionalism skills, for clinical placement. A simple definition of communication is being able to use language in a way that people will understand. Effective and ethical communication requires listening carefully, understanding clients and staff and maintain confidentiality

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  • Professionalism And The Practice Of Medicine

    A great deal of literature has been written about what "professionalism" means in the context of medicine. While there has been much debate, and some even argue that professionalism is in itself too vague and vast to be properly defined, there is one viewpoint in particular that resonates with me.1 When the white coat is placed upon our shoulders, society bestows a great deal of trust, privilege and responsibility upon us as physicians. In return, we engage in a social contract of sorts, a promise

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  • Professionalism in a Clinical Nursing Setting Essays

    Professionalism in a Clinical Nursing Setting Professionalism in a Clinical Nursing Setting Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name Introduction: Professionalism holds within its ambit several factors that combine to give it a collective meaning. It is marked by achieving an alignment between one’s attitude and the expectations of his profession. Professionalism is the part and parcel of all major professions of the world and clinical nursing is no exception in this regard. Moreover, professional

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  • What I Have Learned About Professionalism

    Patient-Centered Experience To critically compare what I have learned about professionalism in healthcare to a patient 's experience I asked a person that I know some questions about a recent visit they had. I interviewed a woman whose initials are SB about an experience she had in a healthcare setting a few weeks ago. She had severe abdominal pain and went to an emergency room at a hospital in New Jersey. SB is always very vocal about her experiences in healthcare and her disgust about the lack

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  • Professional Knowledge & Abilities Essay

    a variety of formats that align with each of the respective 50 states and aids in the continuing development of law professionals. According to the State Bar of Georgia (2005-2011), “Professionalism CLE seeks to turn professionalism into a constant awareness for every Georgia Lawyer. If successful, Professionalism CLE courses will inculcate a habit of talking with colleagues and engaging in dialogue that is essential to a healthy professional life” (Results Desired, para. 3). The 101 Practice

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  • Military Professionalism- The Importance of Professionalism in the United States Marine Corps

    particular careers in the civilian world.While many vocations contain some of the characteristics of professional, a lot of careers do not include all of the elements necessary to distinguish themselves as being as close to a professional as a marine. Professionalism grows depending on the time and service they have in the Marine Corps. A professional has specialized knowledge and skill which can only be acquired through prolonged education and experience. Such skill and experience form the basis of objective

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  • The Role Of Professionalism Within Healthcare Including Regulatory Bodies

    Introduction Professionalism within healthcare and specifically Physiotherapy, is a means in which to deliver high quality of practice and patient fulfillment, throughout daily care. This thesis will discuss aspects of professionalism within healthcare including: regulatory bodies, professional’s responsibilities, The National Health Service, education and quality of care. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a Profession as; “a vocation that involves some branch of advance learning in science

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  • The Quality Of Nursing Care

    definition of nursing philosophy is unique to every professional nurse, and is based on personal and organizational definitions. According to author Joyce Kutin the development of philosophy depends on the key points, accountability, compassion and professionalism (Joyce, 2013). I work as a nurse and I used to wonder why I need to be a nurse and what are the forces that drive me as a nurse? My personal philosophy and driving force behind everyday nursing is, being a trustworthy person to patients, and

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  • The Six Aspects Of Professionalism

    Six aspects of professionalism will be discussed here: integrity, knowledge, self-efficacy, self-understanding, self-control, and social support (Cournoyer, 2011). The important key to note is that all of the factors of professionalism must transcend beyond the boundaries of the profession of social work to be incorporated into personal life as well. Integrity is foundational to all trust and credibility. Cournoyer (2011) involves honesty and commitment to fulfill promises as two components of

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  • Police Professionalism And Police Brutality

    Police Violence Police violence stays surrounded by the most genuine human rights infringement in the world. Over the previous decade, police have carried on in ways that have made individuals to think about if our officers of the law are truly doing their occupation. Unjustified shootings, serious beatings, deadly choking, and unpleasant treatment have all added to the ever-introduce issue of police fierceness. The truth is that the greater part of these occurrences go unreported or unnoticed. This

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  • Professionalism as It Relates to the Role of the Teacher in the Pcet Sector

    II. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the concept of professionalism as it relates to the current role of the teacher working in the PCET sector As alluded to in the previous section, professionalism and what it is that technically constitutes a ‘profession’ as opposed to merely an occupation, and what it means to be ‘professional’ has long been in debate. Millerson (1964) compiled a list of characteristics that members of a ‘profession’ should have – these included skills based on theoretical

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  • Essay Rise of Professionalism in Sports

    past. Academic results were the most important. However, in recent years, we have produced star players, like Remy Ong, who did our country proud by winning many international tournaments. Hence, our government decided to support the rise of professionalism in sports in Singapore by emphasizing more on it than before. Evidence of this would be the recruitment of foreign talent such as table-tennis champ, Li Jiawei from China, etc. and also the setting up of the Singapore Sports School in Woodlands

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  • Professional Issues

    debate on professionalism. Looking at the teacher as a professional and discussing their professionalism. I will highlight the differences and the similarities between professionalism in education and several other professional vocations. I will discuss the shifting views of professional status of both mainstream teachers and FE teachers, and developments and where I see the FE sector heading. I will go on to review conceptions of reflective practice in the context of professionalism, focussing

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  • What Makes A Profession?

    analyzed the topic of professionalism. Higher education, technical ability, training, and highly developed skill sets are the characteristics that first come to mind when I think of what traits characterize a profession. Over the last few weeks, Accounting 690 has opened my eyes to the various aspects of what constitutes a profession and professionalism that I hadn’t given much consideration to beforehand. There are many factors that define and shape the common notion of professionalism in the public accounting

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  • Police Professionalism : Police Reputation

    Police Reputation Recently, the reputations of police officers and departments in America have dropped to an all-time low. Locally, people are still more concerned by police presence than they are reassured. I really decided to take another look at police reputation about a week before this draft when I remembered stories some of my classmates would tell about “Big-Booty Judy”. The stories were mostly complaints about him doing his job and pulling them over when they acted like hooligans, however

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  • How Professionalism Is A Critical Aspect Of Medical Practice

    Professionalism is a critical aspect in medical practice and one of the basic expectations held by medical professionals and patients. To violate this is a serious offense because it causes disruptive behavior which upsets the harmony of the medical environment leading to lower morality in your colleagues, substandard quality of care and poor outcomes. Through my analysis and review of the topic, I am forced to look inside myself and consider my past behavior, re-evaluate my goals and explore the

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  • Professional Accounting : Before Enrolling

    studies that analyzed the topic of professionalism. Higher education, technical ability, training, and highly developed skill sets are traits that first come to mind when I think of what traits characterize a profession. Over the last few weeks, Accounting Colloquium has opened my eyes to aspects of profession and professionalism that I hadn’t given much consideration to beforehand. There are many factors that define and shape the common notion of professionalism in the public accounting industry

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  • Health Care: Nursing Essay

    has allowed many new nurses to enter into practice undertrained and lacking knowledge and skill in ethical values and professionalism. This is why it is imperative that in this highly valued and trusted profession that all new nurses must be knowledgeable in ethics and able to exhibit professionalism. Webster’s dictionary describes professionalism and ethics as follows. Professionalism: the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. Ethics:

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  • Students With A Professionalism Redirect Or Talk At The Parents

    Absolutely, one of the other things that you mentioned in your survey was something about encouraging the student with a professionalism redirect or talk to the parents. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Rich: Parent communication, to me, has always been huge and I laugh at them now because I have a stack of 25 years ' worth of newsletters that went home to parents on a Commodore computer. We had to put in a floppy disc and type something and you pull it out and put it in to save another

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  • Professionalism, Competence, And Knowledge

    order to make a good impression in nursing, be it on supervisors, co- workers, or patients, professionalism is a must. Professionalism is defined as the skill, competence, and knowledge that is excepted of the people within the profession. In Nursing this means that professionalism is a necessary quality the nurse would need to develop in order to be successful and efficient with in the field. Professionalism finds its way through every aspect in nursing to all of the factors that make this a pertinent

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  • Police Professionalism and Responsibility

    Running Head: LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALISM AND RESPONSIBILITIES American Military University April Marshall CMRJ201 Criminal Justice Administration Final– Research Paper Professor Charles Russo Abstract The purposes of this paper are identity and explan in depth history of Law Enforcement professionalism and responsibilities. The analytical content and data collected for this paper was obtained from a literature review of peer reviewed scholarly articles within the American Military

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  • Essay on Professionalism in the Health Field

    Professionalism is an adherence to a set of values comprising both a formally agreed-upon code of conduct and the informal expectations of colleagues, clients and society. The key values include acting in a patient's interest, responsiveness to the health needs of society, maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the practice of medicine and in the generation and dissemination of knowledge. In addition to medical knowledge and skills, medical professionals should present psychosocial and

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  • Ethics, Professionalism, Integrity, And Corruption

    but consequences. What happens next? In order to solve this question, the rookie is going to have too look at a few things before making this decision, looking things such as ethics, professionalism, integrity, and corruption. This paper is going to consist on a few things, define the terms ethics, professionalism, integrity, and corruption. Give examples on they relate to the situation and shed more light on the situation to others easier. Theses words are very commonly used with the crime justice

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  • Essay on Teaching - Reflections, Questions, Desicions

    teacher with reference to professionalism and ethics, the teaching role and teaching strategies, classroom management and motivation. Professionalism and Ethics The foundations for becoming an effective teacher perhaps lie within professionalism and ethics. After all, this influences every single decision a teacher makes. Professionalism can be divided into six distinct categories; these are academic, legal, ethical, professional, personal and cultural professionalism. (Whitton et al., 2010)

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  • Communication And Relationship Management Communication

    no problem working with you not just telling you what to do. A leader has to have a passion for what they do and believe the difference they make within the company. That is what I thrive to be a leader not just a boss in my future. Professionalism Professionalism is the “behavior characterized by traits that includes a high degree of generalized and systematic knowledge; placing community interest doer self-interest; self-controlled through codes of ethics and voluntary associations organized and

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  • Body Adornment Acts As Symbolic Communication

    the nursing workforce, where individuals obtain many hats and responsibilities, there is one element that remains consistent: Professionalism. Professionalism is "the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person."(Merriam-Webster, 2011). While technical expertise is a key component; it does not embody the whole of professionalism. It also involves a caring attitude and appearance that we must apply to not just our nursing careers, but also our everyday

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  • Ethics, Integrity, And Professionalism

    will be discussed include ethics, corruption, integrity, and professionalism. These key points will assist with the unfolding of the steps taken by the official. The purpose of this assignment is for scholars, along with the researcher’s input, to define ethics and the other characteristics in order to answer the question of what will be done next. As the assignment progresses the topics of ethics, corruption, integrity, and professionalism will be further dissected and explained along with a psychological

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  • Bed Bathing: Legality, Professionalism, and Ethics Essay

    IntroductionIn this assignment I will be exploring the legal, professional and ethical issues involved in bed bathing a patient/client in a hospital setting. I will be reflecting on a personal experience, experience during a seven week placement on a diabetic ward. I have decided to use a reflective cycle which is an adaptation from Gibbs’ (1988) model.This reflection has provided a systematic approach to my learning and to my nursing practice. Within this essay I intend to discuss approaches

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  • How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism Essay

    7 December 2009 How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism Have you ever been awed by someone who always seems to know what to say and how to say it in any situation? These people know how to communicate with diplomacy, tact, confidence and professionalism. They speak honestly, confidently and receive criticism constructively. They are powerful, not intimidating, and say what needs to be said without offending or creating conflict. This paper explains the why(s) and how(s) to do these things

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  • Professionalism Is The Foundation For A Successful Nursing Career

    Professionalism is the foundation for a successful nursing career and an effective health care system. Professionalism is needed when dealing with life on life 's terms, which means as it comes, you can’t plan everything. It helps to get through ethical dilemma’s and tough situations. Professionalism is not just a state of mind, it is a state of being that takes time and effort to perfect. It takes many years of trial and error to perfect professionalism, and even then there is still room for growth

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  • Professionalism And The Multi Disciplinary Team And Embrace Diversity

    Professionalism and leadership is pertinent to incorporate in the role of nursing. These two characteristics go hand and hand. There is no single definition that defines a nurse. The role of nursing is forever changing. As a leader in nursing, one must be flexible and able to adapt to change. Continuous education help nurses to adapt to change, communicate with the multi-disciplinary team and embrace diversity. Nurses are looked upon as leaders to set examples for their coworkers and advocates

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  • The Perspectives On Teachers ' Extended Professionalism From School Teachers

    2.3. The Perspectives on Teachers’ Extended Professionalism from School Teachers’ to University Teachers’ The current problem is, however, the existed theories and research studies mostly targeted schoolteachers, then what about it for university teachers? The distinctions between their academic essence and professional responsibilities paved the way for the assumption that their views toward the extended professionalism may also be different. The major differences of these two roles are that:

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  • A Code Of Professional Conduct Oriented Toward The Public Good

    Teacher professionalism, according to Bartley and Diamond (2010), refers to a kind of ‘professional activities’ consists of ‘qualifications, standards and accountabilities’ (p.4). It also contains several other broader values, including ‘furthering individual and social development, fulfilment and emancipation’ (ibid, p.4). The initial features that covered to term professionalism, according to Millerson (1964), include: • the use of skills based on theoretical knowledge • education and training

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  • Professionalism Is A Combination Of Knowledge And Wisdom

    Professionalism is a combination of knowledge and wisdom, a virtue if you will, obtained from a variety of sources including education, socialization, and experience in the field. No matter what level of education a person has achieved, or the amount of experience gained, openness, transparency, and continually striving to improve are characteristics necessary for achieving superior results. Something rather profound happened over the past week or so and the following discussion post will intertwine

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