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  • My Dream Career As A Teacher

    “When I grow up I want to be a teacher!”, said little Tze Wan. When I was at the age of seven I have always wanted to be a teacher because I thought that it was very cool to be able to take control of the students in the class. Also, to me, being a teacher means to be very intelligent. My dream career has not changed until I was ten. And at the same time, I wanted to be an artist as well. I love drawing and I thought that I was very good in it, even without learning the skills and techniques, hence

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  • My Experience As A Teacher

    come to know and spent my time with a very hardworking and respectful group of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students at Naramake Elementary School in Norwalk, CT. It has been a very memorable experience, one that I will cherish forever. I went into this experience thinking that I knew a lot about the teaching profession and had previous experiences in the schools, but I left knowing a lot more than I could have ever imagined. I learned so much not only from my cooperating teacher, Lori Anrico as well as

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  • The Job Of A Special Education Teacher

    The job of a special education teacher may be very difficult and challenging at times. The profession requires patience, creativity, and adaptability. To be successful in this profession, I think you have to have a true passion to teach special education. I believe I have that passion. I fell in love with working with students with disabilities when I volunteered at a summer camp for people with disabilities. Through the courses I have taken at Fontbonne University and my own experiences, I have

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  • My Opinion On My Favorite Teacher

    In my family it is almost required that we have a love for reading and learning, this trait definitely didn’t skip over me. As soon as I learned how to read it became enjoyable and it’s what I wanted to do. In elementary school we would all have to take a test that assessed our “reading ability”, and every time my results were that I was at a “high school or above reading level” so from there I read chapter book after chapter book. Here is where one of my favorite teachers comes in, she was my third

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  • The Family Tree I My Dreams

    The Family Tree to My Dreams In my eyes, my culture is all the aspects behind my family and the people that help define who I am. This may include the events that have happened to past generations, behaviors of my relatives or beliefs that have been passed down to me. In the book, Is everyone really equal?, the authors, Sensoy and DiAngelo, define culture as “the norms, values, practices, patterns of communication, language, laws, customs, and meanings shared by a group of people located in a given

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  • Essay about The Job of a Preschool Teacher

    A preschool teacher’s job is to start the foundation for a child’s future not only in school but in their everyday lives. The pay is not exactly ideal and at times it is a very stressful job, but no matter how difficult the days, any preschool teacher can still leave their job with a smile on their face. Every job has its downfalls or its issues but in this job field the children they teach are able to prove that the job is well worth it. Despite the many hours of training needed and the countless

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  • My American Dream Essays

    American Dream: what is your definition of it? Does it involve money? Does it involve love? Does it involve healthiness? People have different definitions of what they would want in their "American Dream." First of all, let's define American Dream. American Dream is what you would consider a "perfect life." It can be full of happiness, money, love, food, cars, whatever you desire; everyone has a different opinion. One person?s American Dream may be totally different from someone else?s;

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  • My Ideal Job as a Teacher Essays

    several manufacturing businesses both during the periods of economic boom and especially so during the economic downturn. Hypothesis: The general objective of this study is to establish predominant reasons for the closure of major jobs providing industries in Claiborne County. I believe the general cause of business closure is that per capita income dictates the purchasing power of the community which does impact business closure based on information obtained from former business

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  • My Life As A Teacher

    waited for the weekends to be over, since once the weekdays started I entered my favorite environment, the classroom. For my entire life I have wanted to be a teacher, I feel the order and success that the classroom promotes. My teachers taught me more than basic education, they taught me that it is a teachers role to help students learn to live in the real world, and obey the system that is put there for their benefit. My passion exploded when I was adopted by the vice-principle of the local middle

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  • My Dream Job : My Job

    My dream job Author:Osage McCuen My dream job. My job I want and keep forever. My job in my job of me having. That is why it is called a dream job. I am here to tell u about it. I really want it so bad. I am doing camp and middle school teams. I am about to do it in high school when I get there. I maybe will get it college. Some people say you have to try out for athletes and a lot of sports you do that. My dream job as you know now is to be an athlete but what sport. Well, I

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  • Essay on My Dream Job

    My Dream Job Heather Isenhour Everest University My Dream Job Most of the time, what a child wants to be when they grow up changes several times over the course of their life, before they finally settle on a job, that either is or isn’t what they really had wanted, or planned on. This is not the case with me. I have wanted to be a hairstylist and own my own hair salon since I was a little girl. My dream started because I wanted to be like my

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  • Class Size And Teacher Job Satisfaction

    Wyss et al. (2007) students in smaller class sizes receive more instruction time, individual attention and more opportunities to participate. Also, Price and Terry (2008) reported that teachers prefer and feel more comfortable teaching smaller class sizes. Lastly, they explained teachers are more satisfied with their job when their class size is small. Despite the academic benefits of small classes, class size reduction has still not occurred. Search Criteria The researcher searched ProQuest and EBSCO

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  • Elementary Teacher 's Job For An Expert

    large portion of an elementary teacher’s job is to teach reading. Many students come to school not knowing how to read or are reading behind grade level and it is the job of the classroom teacher to help these students in their journeys of learning to read. The job of the teacher goes beyond what they do in the classroom. Teachers need to have a deep understanding of various theories and programs as well as a personal philosophy for reading. Each teacher will bring his or her experiences and personal

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  • My Dream Of Being A Primary Teacher

    significant amount of time with their teachers during term time; therefore, a teacher plays a crucial role in a child’s educational progress and can inspire them to progress both educationally and socially. Teaching children gives me an endless satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I realised this, when my son started his school 20 years ago. Every parent wants their children to achieve their potential and this motivated me to start my career as a teacher. I have a lot of practical experience

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  • My Philosophy Of Teaching As A Teacher

    challenges can be overcome, however, if the teacher believes in their students ability to learn, and is able to inspire and motivate them. The teacher can accomplish this task through motivating the students through lessons, tests, and a positive classroom environment. If the teacher is fully committed to their student’s best interests, the classroom will ultimately succeed, even if there are challenges along the way. My philosophy of teaching is that the teacher should make every possible effort to meet

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  • My Thoughts On My Dream

    It breaks my heart to look back into my own life, and look at the decisions that I had made. I try not to think about it, but it really has made me who I am today. So as much as I would like to say I wish things were different and I stayed on track, that I was perfect, and made everyone happy, I don’t. I am glad for the experiences that I have had. If things had happened in a different manner, or way, then I may not have the family or life that I have now. So, I want to express how even with all

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  • My Motivation For Becoming A Teacher

    I believe that my motivation for becoming a teacher came from familiarity in the field of education. My collegiate career by no means once encompassed becoming a teacher, I just appreciated researching and working in the laboratory, but I recognize that something was missing I didn’t know it at the time. My inspiration for being an educator came from the time I’ve spent in my church, I was predisposed by leading a bible study. I had up to that time had worked as an assistant with children’s pastor

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  • My Goals As A Teacher

    challenges as well. Working as a teacher, I see myself encountering the rewards of understanding, seeing the results of hard work, and being blessed to personally continue learning. On the other hand there will be such challenges as keeping students engaged, refraining from solely teaching for the test, and promoting parental involvement. Keeping both the rewards and challenges in mind throughout the year will encourage and prepare me to accomplish my goals as a teacher. Being the person to help someone

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  • When Teachers Lose Their Jobs

    When teachers lose their jobs wherever they are employed, they also lose their ability to influence the young people who wish to learn from them. In addition, another downside of cutting funding in education is that the quality of the resources given to all teachers will decrease. According to Bloom’s taxonomy, the most important lessons in school occur when any of the highest four levels of thinking take place in the classroom: application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (Bleggi). Most of the

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  • My Earth Science Teacher And My History Teacher

    Point by point (final) Teachers The Experiences that someone has live help him or her to establish their path. Environment affects us, and it also will affect the ways in which someone behaves. The behavior of children may help them to decide what career they wish to achieve once they grow up; some people decide to become teachers. More than one hundred teachers have taught me during my life, and all have been different. However, there is a weird case where two teachers share some surprising

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  • Essay on Creating Your Dream Job

    hub, I shall define compensation and benefits along with their advantages for a company and its workers. My dream job will be Compensation Manager in HR department. Compensation managers plan, direct, and coordinate how and how much an organization pays its employees. Benefits managers do the same for retirement plans, health insurance, and other benefits an organization offers its employees. Job Description: Compensation and benefits managers typically do the following: • Set the organization's

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  • A Interview At Your Dream Job

    obstacle that you feel are standing between you and your dream job. These obstacles may include being overqualified, under-qualified, over the age of 40 or a sudden change in your career. These problems can all be solved within your resume, enabling you to still get that interview at your dream job. Overqualified An employer is reluctant to hire an overqualified job candidate for a few reasons. These reasons include quitting as soon as a better job offer comes along, wanting a large salary or resenting

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  • Creating Your Dream Job Essay

    Assignment # 2 – “Creating Your Dream Job” Assignment # 2 – “Creating Your Dream Job” Samantha Conley BUS 310 – Human Resource Management Professor Demao 11/30/12 Create a job description and specifications for your dream job. Research and Development Specialist Job Description: Execute and lead all product research and development activities for approved business initiatives in a cross-functional and collaborative manner in

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  • My Experience With A Preschool Teacher

    to be a teacher then I came here and realized it would be too hard to get my teaching degree. While attending college, I had a part time job back home which was is at a daycare. Little over a year ago over winter break I got to be in the preschool II classroom and I loved it. Ever since those couple weeks I was in that classroom, I have wanted to be a preschool teacher. What kind of job do I want in my profession? The kind of job I would like is a preschool teacher. A preschool teacher has a classroom

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  • My Experience As A Teacher

    This paper contains four questions that I have answered, pertaining to my experience as a tutor and the thought of becoming a teacher. The questions are based on the individual that we have taught and helped. It reflects the way we feel and if we would continue to go on with teaching in the future. Why do you want to become a teacher? Who or what are your influences? What do you hope to accomplish as a teacher? What will be our legacy? All four questions are going to be answered very detailed throughout

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  • Personal Statement : My Dreams

    Growing up, I was told my dreams are unrealistic. I would tell my parents that I want to be a Major League Baseball player when I grow up, but they merely laugh and tell me, “good luck with that”. I was told I have to be a good catholic. I would sit through hours upon hours of religious education to officially become a “member” of church that is built upon the values of accepting everyone and anyone into one of it’s masses. I was pressured to get good grades, so I could get into a good college, and

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  • My Experience With A Elementary Teacher

    elementary class. The teacher I worked under was an African-American female and I am a multiracial female. In the class I was able to help with lesson plans, grade papers, tutor students, attend the teacher meetings, and go on field trips with the students. The teacher gave different examples of how to handle diversity in the classroom and allowed me to have experience with dealing with some of the issues that arose. It was my first experience in the school system and shaped my desire to become an

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  • My Role As A Teacher

    My role as a teacher is very large. It is true that I have to share knowledge with students, but not only. It appears that sometimes as a teacher, I have to advise them. I also have to behave as a friend to not frustrate them when they don’t understand something. I have to be close to them in order to follow their progression. It is interesting to set my professional and personal boundaries. Why is it important to do this? First of all, it reminds me what is my role, and also what are the limits

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  • My Lifelong Dream Is Achievable

    order to achieve it. In my life, I am part of the group that has to change something in order to be happy. When I think of happiness, I think of it as an outcome of a combination of hard work, progress, and achievement. My lifelong dream is achievable because I am willing to adjust my attitude about events that I cannot control in order to achieve happiness. My lifelong dream is to become a Clinical Lab Technician and work in a hospital. I have always had the dream work in a hospital since

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  • My Life As A Teacher

    My whole life I have been asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and every time I would have a different answer from the previous one. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, but then it started changing as I grew older from a singer to a pharmacist and now back to a teacher. Throughout high school, most of my volunteer work dealt with teaching children how to swim or being a Sunday school teacher. While looking at my volunteer work on my college application, I realized

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  • A Teacher Is One Of The Most Important Jobs

    Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs in the world. In today’s society, it can be hard to be a teacher. Students need to have a teacher that has values and understands the importance of these values. As a teacher, I hold such a powerful role with having the responsibility of a student’s performance. It is important for a teacher to hold high, but realistic, expectations for each student. I will be there to help start every child and guide them to find and follow their dreams. It is

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  • Essay on My Dream Job Essat

    My Dream Job Essay I am a retired, African-American male, who, by chance, saw the advertisement for the "My Dream Job " contest on the AARP website. Initially, I was hesitant about entering the contest, then realized the possibilities this contest provided. My "Dream Job" involves working a 32 hour per week, year-round job, in a part-time capacity, in a major media'communications organization involved in news/entertainment, TV/radio production or cable operations. Specifically, I will work in

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  • My Experience At My Job

    enjoyment you can get out of your job. For instance, I work under a company called Dans Management that runs my store, Dunkin Donuts in Pascoag, Rhode Island and thirty-five more in New England. I was hired as a closer in October of 2012. I worked late and went through many obstacles in my years at my job some days I love it and some I hate it. However, most days I believe I’m doing good work by loving my duties, skills, and environment at my work. First the duties at my job can vary from being good to

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  • My Experience At My Job

    At the beginning of the work experience I had worked at my job, Old Navy, for around 3 months and I was somewhat new and inexperienced to what my job required. I was sloppy with my folding, and was slow to complete my tasks. I wanted to get better at my work so I could become a better employee. When I heard of Work Experience, I was curious about how it would help me improve my work skills. I enrolled in Work Experience for two extra hours that I needed for school. First thing I did after enrolling

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  • My Job As A Facilitator

    teaching, my job as a facilitator was to teach my group members two important task he/she could use to engage in a specific sport. The sport I had to teach to my peers was Pickle – Ball, and the specific task/skill I taught was how to properly strike the individually and to someone specifically. The facility space I was able to use was half court of a gymnasium. The manner in which I presented the content in a sequence was great, but I felt my organization could have been a little better. My content

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  • My Life Of Becoming A Teacher

    a chapter in my life I can look back and see how fortunate my life has been. I live in a country where I can receive a free education that will allow me to live a life of success; I have had a healthy life, and a supportive family. While I will be completing my associate’s degree this week I still have a road ahead of me. I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher and I will soon be one degree away from accomplishing one of the biggest goals I have ever had. Often times I put my high school and

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  • Improving Student 's Dream Jobs

    become an adult and want a job. This is due to the way their education system is set up. Chinese teenagers especially struggle with this, their lives revolve around one test which determines the route of their future, the gaokao. The United States has a tremendously larger amount of freedom for their student 's dream jobs. Good grades and great test scores will aid students in their college acceptance, however it is not the only determining factor. American schools do a better job at preparing students

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  • My Life Of My Dreams

    but it obviously won’t be. It can’t. There’s no words that could possibly express how much I love you or how amazing you are to me. So I guess I’ll start this way… A few years ago, before I met you, I thought I had my life all figured out. I would be a lawyer and meet the man of my dreams in university. He would be tall enough so that I could be smaller than him even when wearing heels and he would have curly brown hair with bright green eyes. We would live in an apartment together for a few years

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  • My Career As A Teacher

    before becoming a teacher because I didn’t feel I fit the teacher mold. I believe children should have choices, be highly engaged and learn through inquiry. My personal childhood education was based on starting and finishing seatwork assignments. Later in life my son’s fourth grade teacher inspired me to earn my degree in Elementary Education. She helped me see that I could teach within my belief system with others who had the same passion. My career is in its seventh year and my teaching philosophy

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  • The Career Path Of My Dreams And Pursue A Job As A Manager Of A Sports Franchise

    have chosen Sports Management, a field that fits both my skills and interests. In this field, I must obtain a degree in the one or more of the following majors: Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Business, or Analytics. Although I have not currently declared a major, I plan to major in the field of Business and minor in Marketing. These majors will allow me the opportunity to enter the career of my dreams and pursue a job as a General Manager of a sports franchise. Sports have

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  • My Career As A Teacher

    have worked my way up from teacher’s assistant to Director. I’ve loved working with children in the classroom. In fact I thought there was nothing better than being in my small Christian preschool, which was until I had to move for my husband’s work. During the year we were away, I worked a few different preschool jobs that helped enhance my skills as an educator but it wasn’t until we returned that I truly found God’s calling for my career. This essay is one step of my journey to finding my passion

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  • My Childhood Dreams And Aspirations

    During our childhood, we tend to fantasize and dream about what we wish to do when we become older. Normally, at that age, we base our reasoning for such job choices off of the interactions and what we see from the most influential people in our lives. However, our wishes as children will vary depending on how we are raised and the region that we are raised in. For my research paper, I plan to discuss the reasoning behind an individual’s childhood dreams and aspirations based on, or in relation to

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  • My Dream - Original Writing

    My Dream Growing up, little kids always have someone they look up to, a role model. It can range anywhere from the super hero who came from krypton to save the world that you read about in a comic to the person whose there to catch you when you fall off your bike and scrap your knee. Mine happened to be and still is, someone I only saw once a day for forty-five minutes, my favorite class period of the day that I always looked forward to since for as long as I could remember. My choir teacher, Mrs

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  • My Motivation For Becoming A Great Teacher

    like a teacher each day. I have become to make up some of my own ideas and strategies on different ways of teaching. I feel like the key to becoming a great teacher is having your own ideas and thoughts on teaching. A teaching philosophy is a statement of our personal beliefs about education. We all might have different opinions and techniques with the way we teach, but it is our own personal beliefs that help us become the teacher we want to be. My motivation for teaching is to not have my students

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  • My Dream I Had A Dream

    I had a dream. I had the want to be a teacher, to spent my time in front of a classroom with a group of children listening and learning. In my free time I would sit in my room, a book in hand, reading stories out loud into the abyss. My free time was spent teaching an imaginary class, with homemade assignments, and random picture books off my book shelf, alone in my bedroom. A passion grew with in me to instill knowledge into the minds of children. This desire to teach began to become my vision

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  • My Goal Goals And Dreams

    has their own dreams. If they wants to wish their dreams come true such as athletes want be win every games they play to enter in the championship, good writers always want to write a book and get publish their own book on top level, intelligent students always want to be a doctors or engineers. No one can achieve their goals and dreams right away, because of the reality. Nowadays we all have so many distances between, who we are and what we want. I do have my own goals and dreams such as get a

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  • My Letter For A Teacher

    desire to teach was when I was ten years old, and my class had to give a presentation on what we wanted to be when we grew up. I remember my teacher asking me after my presentation why I wanted to be an educator, and I simply shrugged and said I had a feeling it was something I should do. There was no rhyme or reason to why I had felt this need, only a simple thought towards my future that most children have. This thought stayed in the back of my mind for years to come, and whenever someone asked

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  • The Concept Of A Dream Job

    The concept of a “dream job” for me is not a clearly defined term at this point. This is because as an entrepreneur, opportunities to make money are on a constant basis. For example, if an individual has a skill that they know how to market then that is a possibility for money. What if someone has multiple skills? Then those are multiple opportunities to make money. As for myself, one of my skills is music (specifically playing guitar) so this has become an outlet to make money. However, it is safe

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  • My Experience Of My Career As A Teacher

    felt like home if my family was there. I know in my career as a teacher, I will come across many students like me. I will meet students who have moved as much as I have and who don’t feel a sense of belonging in any place. If there family is like mine, I can encourage them to make their family their homes. Even if they don’t have that close of a family though, I can still encourage them to make people what is important rather than any place. My family members are definitely my best friends, and

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  • Why I Am A Business Information System And My Dream Job

    that exist, in my opinion, most people can handle it better than me. For that reason, I was terrified to take this class and to face my fear of public speaking. I am well aware that overcoming this fear is extremely important for me to achieve success in my career field. My major is Business Information System and my dream job is to become an IT Project Manager. This will require for me to eliminate any barriers that keep me from having effective interpersonal communication, including my fear to social

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