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  • Hormones And Its Effects On Human Body

    First, Nellie, you must understand that our bodies make lots of different hormones. A hormone is usually a special protein that certain cells in the body make. Once the hormone is made, it enters the blood so it can travel to where ever it is needed in the body to make a specific thing happen. The body continues to make more of the hormone as needed in order to make happen what it is the hormone does. Certain cells make one type of hormone, while other cells make a different type of hormone and

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  • Stress And The Human Body

    Stress and the Human Body Few have escaped it. Some of been able to run far, but only the lucky can get away. Maybe it was the way they were raised, maybe the way the trained themselves. But this is for sure and for certain, and everyone who goes to college has to face it. So what is this dreaded thing everyone is terrified of when they leave high school? The freshman fifteen. Seventy percent of freshman gain weight in their first year of college. Some gain ten, some fifty but the average is fifteen

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  • Human Brain And Its Effects On The Human Body

    least. People in our world fight day by day to survive. I am sure you have realized by now, it is extremely easy to give up. But what keeps us going? What signals our brain to gain endurance to not give up hope? The human brain is not only one of the most crucial organs in the human body, but it is also one of the most complex. Our brain has the ability to motivate us through situations we would never think we could possible get through, nonetheless encounter. We as people are usually connected to

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  • The Human Body, And The Association With Disease

    The human microbiome project The Human microbiome project was the first step into research about bacteria that is present in the human body, and the association with disease. The project was launched in 2007 and was set out to be a five year program. It was funded by the United States National Institute of Health (NIH) however it involved many specialist from many countries worldwide, the original funding was around $115 million. The main purpose of the project was to analyse “how changes in the

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  • Understanding The Anatomy Of A Human Body

    anatomy of a human body. The human body has a plethora of important and vitals parts that play keys role. These vital parts are important to maintain hemostasis of the body. Without the heart, blood would not be able to pump, and the body would die. The kidney helps keep the bad stuff out of our body as like a filter for clean drinking water. The liver is important for producing proteins to help the blood clot and also plays a role in metabolism process. The most important organ in the body is the brain;

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  • The Effects Of Obesity On The Human Body

    overweight or obese which means less than one third of American adults are healthy weight” (Rossen 2010,p.17). Obesity is when a person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) is 30-39.99 or in extreme obesity > 40. The most common cause of weight gain is from food consumption. When people go out to eat, restaurants have large portions. With these larger portions the body becomes used to these large amours of food intake. In their mind the food intake may just be enough to feel full, little do they know they have

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  • The Senses Of The Human Body

    The five senses of the human body are smell, taste, touch, hearing and vision. All five senses are crucial to our daily living. Without these senses, people will lose touch with themselves and the body there in. Our senses are activated by stimuli from events and things. The information is sent to the brain to interpret and the brain applies it to the appropriate actions. The smell sense is part of the chemosensory systems. The Chemosensory system is also known as the chemical sense. The chemosensory

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  • The Human Body As A Machine For A Moment

    There are many different implications, however, there are few as controversial as therapeutic human cloning. Think of the human body as a machine for a moment. We are comprised of finely tuned mechanisms that work in harmony to allow us to live. Each of these cogs, however, are fragile and can be defective or wear-out. One solution to this problem is to supply spare parts, if you will. Well, where do these parts come from? We currently use donors that can spare the necessary organs. This is a tricky

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  • Eukaryotic Cells And The Human Body

    mitochondria which is the “power house” of the cell and this is how eukaryotic cells has been created. Human body is composed of about 70 trillion of eukaryotic cells which starts with a fertilization of a female’s egg and male’s sperm. From the replication of the single cell called meiosis, a human is being created. However, no one knows which cell or cell group will become what part of the fetus’s body. Those cells are called stem cells. According to the stem cells “have the ability to

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  • Genetic Disorders And The Human Body

    activities and genetics. The human body is made up of several organ systems such as the digestive system and the respiratory system, and each of those organ systems is composed of various organs that work together as one unit. All of these organs are constructed of several types of tissues, defined as a group of cells with similar structure and function. These structures with specialized functions in the eukaryotic cells, which are cells only found in multicellular organisms like human beings, is called organelles

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  • Exercise Effects The Human Body

    Exercise effects the human body in many fascinating ways; as it causes the body to adapt and alter to aid the body’s stimulation. Take when carrying out the Harvard step test practical. This test is where a person carries out a period of exercise for a certain length of time and then records their heart rate before and for so long after the period. This shows how fit and healthy the heart is by showing how long it takes for the heart to go back to a regular resting pulse rate. “The cardiovascular

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  • Human Body And The Body

    The human body is made up of many bones, along with muscles, tendons, and tissues. There are so many things that can go wrong with the body that can cause pain, life threatening complications, and in the long run other parts of the body can become affected. The body systems can be vast and complicated, in order to explain the problems that can happen I will give an overview of the bones in the human body. The human body has 214 bones in it. The body has different types of bones and are put together

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  • Sleep And Its Effects On The Human Body

    some of the major sleep disorders that can affect a few to 3 million citizens of the United States (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 2016). Sleep is a must, many people don’t quite understand it, how it alters the human brain alone. It is a part of the human body, and helps it in more ways than you can imagine. Sleep helps your brain to work properly. At night when you are asleep, the brain is forming new pathways, to help you learn the new material the next day, as well as to remember

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  • The Effect Of Perfusion On Human Body

    Introduction Perfusion is a very important aspect to the human body. Perfusion is defined as the flow of blood through arteries and capillaries that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removing cellular waste from the body (Giddens, 2013, p. 148). For us to maintain optimal perfusion, we need are heart to generate sufficient cardiac output. This means transporting the blood through patent blood vessels to supply the tissues throughout the body. Impaired perfusion may occur when the blood supply

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  • Important Components Of A Human Body

    In healthcare, vital signs are important components of a human body. Taking vital signs shows the three important body processes in anatomy, which are the regulation of body temperature, the breathing, and the heart function. These signs are easily affected by daily activities, sleep, food, weather, emotions, and illnesses. Furthermore, these responses subserve a nurse, medical assistant, or a healthcare staff to determine the best treatment for a patient especially if it is a life-threatening situation

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  • Plastic Surgery And The Human Body

    Humans everywhere are so focused on the way they look in today’s society. A large percentage of humans feel they should alter their body for society to except them. About 15.6 million surgeries have been recorded in the year of 2014 just in the United States (Plastic surgery statistics show new consumer trend , 2015). Many over look the risks that plastic surgery could provide for the people. Plastic surgery risks are Medical, society issues, scarring, and anesthesia risks. Not only are there many

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  • Pathophysiology Of The And Its Effects On The Human Body

    deoxygenated blood enters the right atrium and moves on through the right side of the heart to the pulmonary system where it is oxygenated and then moves back to the heart and out of the left ventricle to supply oxygen and nutrients throughout the body (Kim, 2016). A PDA occurs when the DA fails to close completely after delivery. When the DA vessel does not constrict and close, a left-to-right shunt is formed, which allows the oxygenated systemic blood from the left ventricle to pass into the lungs

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  • The Human Body And The Body Structure

    All over the world animals are being tested on products such as Febreze without even knowing it. Animal testings are used for many studies. The human organ system, and the body structure is similar to that of animals. Researchers study animals to understand how the human body processes different drugs and chemicals such as that of the animal. Animals help with the study of several illnesses such as cancer, and heart diseases. Many companies test on animals, some of these companies include Clorox

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  • The Human Body : Pushing The Limits

    The human body is an extraordinary, highly organized structure made up of cells that work together to accomplish specific functions necessary for sustaining life. Everyday we take our bodies through stressed limits on a daily basis that we do not even recognize. In this essay, I will explain how our bodies go through stressed, maxed out limits from the outside to the inside of our bodies. Back in 1996, Discovery Channel made a film about the human body, called, “The Human Body: Pushing the limits”

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  • The Effects Of Yoga On The Human Body

    stressed and tense? Do you feel as if you’re carrying the entire world on your shoulders? With the help of yoga, you can throw those unhealthy feelings aside. According to the British Psychological Society, yoga involves concentration on the breath and body, which makes it a great way to soothe a person’s mind and relieve worries. By helping relieve tension and stress, yoga poses and breathing exercises keep a person free from such negative elements. As a result, a person who does yoga is better able

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  • Stem Cells And The Human Body

    cells, and adult stem cells. However there ae about another dozen more stem cells which are also important to the human body. These other stem cells are tissue stem cells, blood stem cells, skin stem cells, Mesenchymal stem cells, stem cells in the eye, induced plum stem cells, brain stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, and also liver stem cells. All of these stem cells are useful to the human being because stem cells can either keep us alive our dead. All of these are different, and can be a little similar

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  • The Human Body And The Medical World

    Passionately Curious Curiosity is the lust of the mind. Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush through your body increasing the mind’s interest of a topic you were freshly introduced to? I feel that passion over the topic of the human body and the medical world and I become determined to learn more. I am interested in the foreign, universal language of medical terminology and of the hands-on skills of assisting a doctor. I strongly feel the desire to gain the knowledge and skills to become part

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  • The Human Body And Its Effects On Our Body

    Because every living organism on the planet is part of the ecosystem I thought it was important to incorporate what chemtrails do to the human body. The deterioration of cognitive function is just one effect of chemtrails on our immune system. The skin, being the largest organ in our body, is a permeable membrane. This means that invisible toxins in our air, including chemtrails and other highly dangerous chemicals, go right into our skin. Poisoned rainwater or snow touching our skin does the same

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  • Sexual Side Of The Human Body

    detailed shots of characters in the process of coitus. What this means to the way Americans bring up their children is a question of parental control and one open to debate. Whether the exposure of children of various ages to the sexual side of the human body is acceptable or not is a matter of perspective and one that cannot be explicitly carved out. Nonetheless, restraint is advised during the start of the show. A more common and perhaps funny side of sexuality is portrayed in minute 46 of the first

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  • Bones And Its Effects On Human Body

    everybody’s body. Just like the organs, they can get infected. The most common diseases of the bones are osteopenia and osteoporosis. Osteochondritis dissecans, though rare, can still pop up and cause more damage to your body. In addition, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis can occur through genetics, but sometimes the environment contributes. First, let’s get down to the basics. Everybody knows that the skeletal system is used for the protection of organs, holds the structure of the body, and assists

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  • The Human Body And The Soul

    The dialogue “Phaedo” takes place during the time that Socrates was to be executed after being falsely convicted. Before his death, Socrates explored many theories regarding the body and the soul with his pupil Plato. Plato presents four different arguments to prove the immortality of the soul, that all though the human body perishes after death; the soul still exists. Firstly, he explains the Theory of the Opposite Forms that something came to be living only after having first been dead. Then his

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  • Bacteria And The Human Body

    Among human beings are small microscopic life-forms that exist everywhere throughout the world. Those microscopic life forms are known as bacteria. Bacteria can survive in the coldest or hottest temperatures around the earth. Known to be unicellular, bacteria live within human bodies and also in the food we eat. Not only that, they are everywhere. Bacteria plays a major role in the human body. For an example, it is bacteria located in the intestines that help with food digestion. Even though bacteria

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  • The Immune System Of The Human Body

    shots, Everybody! The immune system is an important and complex part of the human body, guarding it against bacteria and other foreign substances that would make you sick. When you’re born, you’re immune system is pretty susceptible to different diseases because you’re body doesn’t know how to fight them yet. Vaccinations help to strengthen your immune system by introducing weak and harmless versions of a disease to your body. Antibodies then attack the disease and get rid of it. This helps to protect

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  • The Effects Of Stress On The Human Body

    tension of circumstances accumulate. Researchers have explored how that affects the human body. The question has often, been proposed to why we get stressed. Studies have been done to explore how that affects our body physically, mentally, and emotionally? Since we all will experience stress at some time or another it may be beneficial to our health to understand it more. The human response to stress within the body is displayed through physical, mental and emotional responses. These responses can

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  • Malnutrition And Its Effects On The Human Body

    Malnourishment and Mortality: Daily, all around the world, hunger and malnutrition take more lives of humans than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Starvation is a worldwide issue that has detrimental effects on people’s physical and social well being. The deprivation of food and nutrients can cause many negative effects on the human body especially for growing children. Negative effects can include being more vulnerable to diseases, a stunted physical and mental growth and higher child mortality

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  • Cancer And Its Effects On The Human Body

    advancement in medical technology, human beings are still battling to find the cure for some diseases such as cancer. Cancer refers to the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the human body. They lead to the growth of tumors which then infiltrate other neighboring tissues and organs. The cancerous cells are dangerous because of the manner in which they lead to the attacking of other tissues in the body. There are different types of cancer affecting the human body. All the types of cancer are dangerous

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  • The Human Body Is Driven By Reactions

    The human body is driven by reactions. Much of those reactions rely on enzymatic processes. Enzymes are proteins that in many cases act as catalysts to speed up reactions taking place all over the body. From metabolism to ocular functions, enzymes are necessary for the activities of everyday life. As such, it is important to gain an understanding of enzymes and the common mechanisms that dictate much of human and nature’s actions. This insight will also illustrate how some enzymes are utilized in

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  • Computer Programming And The Human Body

    achieve mainly anything. For example we are able to create technology that allows us to talk with others on the other side of the world, or allows us to look at at the inside of the human body. Create technology that allows us to talk with others on the other side of the world, or allows us to pier at the inside of the human body. With the technology that is currently available right now now with computer programming it is not just a potential that is on the rise but also the demand for people with programming

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  • Human Physiology And The Human Body

    grandmother fell victim to gastric cancer. As a young child with minimal knowledge on diseases and the human body for that matter, I was left contemplating the illness that plagued my grandmother’s body. I yearned endlessly to ease her pain. I had never witnessed anyone suffering through such agony in my life before and I was extremely distraught by her worsening state as the cancer gradually invaded her body. My desire to learn about my grandmother’s condition, therefore, led me to accompany her to the

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  • The Problem Of The Human Body

    think about the problem and decide whether it might be a software or hardware issue, and then proceed with testing and repairing. To me the entire process of understanding, deciphering and eventually 'curing ' the issue was very appealing. The human body is essentially a series of components linked together to accomplish a plethora of functions, which at times also needs to be repaired. My father, who is an interventional cardiologist, was the first and only doctor in the whole family tree before

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  • Sucralose: the Effects on the Human Body

    effects on the Human body Sucralose: The effects on the Human body W. F. Ingram Brandman University Author Note This outline was prepared for FSNU-200: Human Nutrition, taught by Dr. Ludwig Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the impact that artificial sweeteners are having on the American Diet. I will explore the artificial sweetener Sucralose, in detail. I will describe, in brief, the history and uses of Sucralose. I will explore the effects that Sucralose has the human body, and some

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  • The Human Brain Cell Body

    Let’s talk a little about how similar a tree in our backyards is to a neuron in our brain. A human brain cell has close to 100 billion neurons. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what else is. The parts of a neuron are much like the parts of a tree in many ways. The word dendrite is a greek term meaning “tree-like.” The dendrite is much like the branches on a tree because just like branches on a tree receives nutrients through the tree to the leaves to help grow more leaves

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  • The Effect Of Protein On Human Body

    of Protein In order for the human body to function properly, an individual needs a variety of different sources. Proteins are considered a key source that is needed in the human body and are essential to one’s diet. This is true because proteins inhabit a spot in every cell in an individual’s body. Therefore, individual’s need to consume a large amount of protein in order to maintain good health. Proteins are essential to a variety of different functions for one’s body but are said to help with muscle

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  • The Human Body Uses Energy

    the human diet. It can be found in a wide range of both healthy and unhealthy foods such as bread, bean, cake, popcorn, cookies, and soft drink ( The consumption of bad carbohydrate that increases your blood sugar should be limit. If the blood glucose stays high for too long, it can develop type two diabetes ( In addition, carbohydrates are the most important source of metabolic energy for human body, plants, and in animals that eat plants (Bruice 2011). The human body

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  • Racism And The Human Body Shadow

    We are all different races of the same shadow, but some do not see their shadow. Those who do not see their shadow, do not believe everyone creates the similar human body shadow. Racism today in United States has not only affected African Americans and Jewish Americans, Japanese Americans, but also on Mexican Americans, White Americans and other races. "Racism is defined as the belief that one race of people are superior to another because of the race they are born into. The virus of racism

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  • Genetic Engineering : The Human Body

    The human body is considered to be the home to over a trillion cells, in which include cells within bones, cartilage, nerves, and muscles. Within each cell contains structures that help carry genetic information, chromosomes. Every human is made up of 46 chromosomes, and these chromosomes carry your DNA. DNA is responsible for how one will look, act, and develop, but with this many cells duplicating, there is a higher chance of a mutation occurring, such as cancers and diseases, which no human

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  • The Human Body Is A Complicated Thing

    The human body is a complicated thing. No one realizes what all goes through the mind just to do a simple task. The different anatomical features in the human body are many as are the physiological aspects in which all of these various organs and nerves work together. There are many types of tissues that come together make up the four main systems in the human body. These systems intertwine and jointly work together for a person to eventually phonate, breathe, or just walk around a room. The processes

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  • Minerals : The Human Body

    Minerals are needed in the human body. Minerals are classified as major minerals or trace minerals. Major minerals include calcium and phosphorus. While, trace minerals include iron and zinc. Major minerals are defined as a mineral vital to health that is required in the diet in amounts more than 100 milligrams per day. Over 99% of the calcium in the human body strengthens bones and teeth. Calcium is often, found in dairy products like milk and cheese. Some secondary sources for calcium

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  • Energy And The Human Body

    Energy and the Human Body Energy Energy is “The ability or capacity to do work”. There are five different types of energy; Chemical, Heat, Sound, Electrical and Light. Chemical energy is energy stored in atoms and molecules; it is released in a chemical reaction, with heat as a by-product. Heat energy is the result of the movement of particles. Sound energy is a form of energy which is linked to vibrations of matter. Electrical energy is when electrons move from atom to atom via the use of magnetic

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  • The Effects Of Water On The Human Body

    just about 75 percent of the earth and is throughout 78 percent of the human body. Without water there are any things that we would not be able to do. We would not be able to travel from place to place to go on cruises and we would no longer be a beach or water to drink. We would no longer be able to shower or go to the pool or be able to have any use of water and many animals would no longer exist. Without water the human body would only be able to last only three days. The reason that water is so

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  • The Human Body System

    To Be A Human I Am Human I am human I am the melody I hear Harmonious and bright I am the paintbrush Painting a canvas of life I am the painting that stretches along the cave wall Delicate and unique I am the gentleness of a calm breeze Charming and Soft To be human To feel Anger through happiness To have a conscience To be unique and diverse I have a soul I am human To be human means to have individual thought processes, be unique, making rational decisions and feeling anger, happiness, sadness

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  • Effects Of Caffeine On The Human Body

    in young people it has concerned to be a lead to caffeine abuse. Caffeine is a popular psychoactive stimulant that is prevalently used amongst all age groups (Persad, L, 2011). The caffeine consumption is so common that the effects can impact the human body. The effects include the influence neurological systems, cardio-respiratory and endocrine (Persad, L, 2011) Energy drinks have been known to give you a boost of energy, promote wakefulness, alertness and deliver cognitive improvement. Historically

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  • The Human Of Human Body

    achieved the understanding of the human body. For example, how each system of the human body works, but most importantly, how they fail to work has led to different disease processes and the possible treatments. Although genetic research began long ago, it was not until 1990, when the Human Genome Project was introduced and successfully completed in 2003 (National Human Genome Institute, 2014). This project allowed scientists to understand the “sequences that make up the human DNA” (Moss, 2014, p.155) and

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  • Biology Of The Human Body

    All living things are comprised of cells, the basic units of life. Some organisms have only one cell.6 The human body, however, has more than ten trillion cells.6 In plants and animals, cells perform specific functions.6 One example of this is neurological cells transmitting information in the brain.6 Specialized cells group together to form tissues which then form organs.6 Although cells do different jobs, all cells share common features.6. All cells are alive, they reproduce, and they die

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  • The Effects Of Cellphones On The Human Body

    The effects of cellphones The topics I choose is the effects of cell phones I lot of people don’t think cell phones are bad for them, but cell phones can cause negative effects on the human body. I believe that people are so stuck on cell phones they can’t see real life in front of them. There too busy worried about what 's happening around the world or who just text them. I believe a lot of people miss out on opportunities by looking down at their phones because you never

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