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    Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Chunk. The world slowly fizzles into existence around me as I slowly rise to my feet. It’s an absurdly small room, probably about 12 feet square. A single dim light bulb on the ceiling fails to fully illuminate the room. My head is killing me. There’s blood in my hair. I want to fall back to the floor. The walls and floor are smoother than concrete, but just as stern and unwelcoming. The air is musty and a thin layer of dust covers everything. The room is only

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    I just thrust my pelvis at her hand and said, “Well the way I see things is I’m playing with your tits and have told you I want to fuck you, so if you want to play with my cock go right ahead.” I stepped back a bit to let her turn to face me and it didn’t take more than a second for her to be undoing buttons and slipping my zipper down to free my cock. In a quiet voice Tesa said, “Oh yes that is a nice package and it’s so hard already. I think I would like to let you have your way with me.” She

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    happening to many more civilians than the story focus's on. Steinbeck does not leave out a single detail about the Joad family and their journey to California, and that in itself is what makes his writing so entertaining. Not only is this a very powerful topic to write about, but the remarkable writing style of author John Steinbeck makes this book a masterpiece. From the intensely vivid descriptions of the land to the true-to-the-heart portrayal of people, Steinbeck makes the words flow right

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    "Jan--Jae--Jann--wait! I meant--Jill!" Amid our laughter, our names popped from Grandma 's mouth like fireworks exploding on the fourth of July. Every summer, the "four J 's"--my grandmother 's nickname for her granddaughters--along with my brother, descended on my grandparents ' home to spend the week while my parents traveled with friends. Half of the four J 's included our cousins who arrived from out-of-town to join in the fun. And to keep Grandma on her toes, two of our

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    As I was waking up by the captivated scent of cinnamon that filled the air despite the fact I was swimming in a pool of my own slob. Finally, Christmas is here it’s the season where everything is magical and you can spend time with loved ones as well as eat anything you want. I was getting out of my bed when all of a sudden I felt an icy cold chills ran up and down my spine. Its was an extremely cold to the point where I could see my breath blowing white smoke all over my room. I could not feel my

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    “Sorry.” What the hell is with this awkward aura all of a sudden. I took a quick glance around the room to see who else showed up, which it doesn’t seem like no one did, although now that I’m really checking, she was the only girl in here. What kind of setups are the advisors doing this year? “Why did she sit next to him?” I heard someone whispered. “I don’t know, the seat next to me was opened,” another whispered back. “Maybe he’s her boyfriend. Lucky guy to be able to snatch up Ariana; I’ve

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    Take. Fill. Write. Hand. The routine stuck in my head from doing it over and over all day long. As I finish sweeping the floors, the little bell ring signalling someone has entered the store. My head slowly looks towards the sound where I see a blond-haired man standing in the doorway, door wide open. I huff. "Sir you letting the brisk air in," I snap angrily at him. Take. Fill. Write. Hand. The routine stuck in my head from doing it over and over all day long. He looks at me before sighing and

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    I got out of the car with the panties in my left hand and walked up the steps to the porch. I tried to open her screen door but it was locked, so I banged on it. I knew that she had to hear it. When I noticed that there was a doorbell, I pushed it several times. From the inside of the house I heard “Ding- dong, ding-dong, ding-dong” shortly after that the front door came ajar and I saw a silhouette of her face. “You need to leave before I call the cops” she shouted with wide eyes. “You need to

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    "Tell me what’s bothering you!” Copper shouted and right before I got the chance to answer the rest of the kids at the bus stop came running around the corner right as the bus came around the other. I shrugged at Copper and he groaned. When we got to school I walked into the bathroom before Copper could ask me what was wrong again. I fixed my mascara and my hair. When I looked at my watch I saw that I was going to be late for class. I rushed out of the bathroom and to my class. I hesitated at the

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    It was 2:45 p.m. when I arrived at my apartment. Exhausted, I opened my door, ready for bed. After all, I did not get much sleep the night before. As I entered my apartment, a movement startled me. Surprised by the sight of John Prescott sitting on my sofa, I approached him furiously. “What are you doing here? You scared me to death.” I yelled. He laughed. “You never call me back. You told me you were going to call and you never did. Walking straight into my bedroom, I dropped my purse and

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    to break. She stared at me for such a long time I began to feel way uncomfortable to keep eye contact. She immediately began writing down a whole bunch of notes. “Um, couldn’t you just tell me what happened? You obviously know what i did and can’t that also help jog my memory?” “I feel that it is very important that you come to that realization on your own,” still writing away. We sat in silence for several moments before she looked up again. “So, Why don’t you start with the more simple things

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  • Descriptive Writing in Literature Essay

    Descriptive Writing in Literature! November, 01, 2010 Descriptive Writing in Literature! Literature indulges us in a different world by using descriptive writing that paints a vivid picture in our mind. Every author has a different way to accomplish that, but the main purpose is to draw the reader into the desired place and time of the literature. I will compare two poems and one story that capture the imagination by a descriptive writing. First we will take a closer look how these authors

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    Dew dripped from the fragrant, scarlet carnations adorning the front porch. Birds sang sweet summer ballads to the still snoring Saturday morning. The sun extended his tentacle-like-russet-rays to the peaceful neighborhood– tickling along the warming sidewalks and sloping driveways happily. However, the snickering air shook in the sky in trepidation because the air knew a secret the birds, and the sun did not: Mrs. Finbar was on her way home. The breeze picked up as she slinked up the driveway¬

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    He stood up and picked up the dishes. I joined him moving towards the sink, turning on the balmy water. It rushed out so I adjusted it to a lighter flow, scrubbing the grime off of the plates with a sponge and dish soap. As he reached around me to hand me another dish to wash, his other hand covered my mouth. The dish slipped from my hand, shattering to thousands of pieces on the tile floor, and he ripped me off my feet by my torso with the other hand dragging me backwards to the bedroom. My boots

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    I danced around the house singing while eating some pretzels. I was pretty proud of myself and once I told Copper how it went, he started dancing with me too. I was mid-song when we got a call from our neighbors telling us to shut off the music and go to bed. We laughed our way all the way up to our bedrooms and into our different beds. The loud ringing pulled me from my deep dream state and back to the demanding reality of life. I blindly grouped at my bedside table, my fingers sliding over my

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    “Well, there’s no need to be vulgar about it. Just pretend that it doesn’t matter. Because it doesn’t.” Steve looked at Shelly. He knew that if she said so that Miss Hartick would let it slide. Of course, Shelly wasn’t about to let him go. She had him where she wanted him. They had dated briefly, and he had broken it off. Now she would get to see his dick. He looked around, hoping that Miss Devasquez might say something. Of course, she waited the same way Shelly did, with a big smile. In spite of

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    Words - Normal Words - Narrator is talking or describing the scene ~Words~ - How the character are feeling or describing the scene Words - Saying it in his mind Prologue In a now inactive clockworks tunnel, the lone knight, walk endlessly through the depths. ~Drags Sword on ground~ Finally...Those wolvers really did a number on me. Man Just look at my armor, it’s all rip and stuff. Isn’t that right Kami? Yep, we need to head back to the surface once we are done. Aw, come on...Just one more

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    I woke up the next morning with a book covering my chest, still opened to the same page. Conner was outstretched at the foot of my full size bed, his furry feet touching mine. With my blankets still undisturbed underneath me, I rolled over with groan and stretched until my back popped, sounding like a round of bullets were being fired. I sat up, wiping the gunk from the corner of my eyes, and saw that I beat my alarm. It was 6:52 a.m. I proceeded to turn off my alarm in advance so it wouldn’t scream

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    Narrative vs. Descriptive There are many different types of writing styles that are used in everyday literature; in books and magazine articles, scholarly and academic journals. According to Essentials of College Writing, by C. M. Connell & K. Sole (2013), descriptive writing is “defined by painting pictures with words” (chapter 6.4, line 1), while narrative writing is described as “storytelling from the point of view of the narrator” (chapter 6.3, line 1). Narrative writing is more appealing considering

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    I opened my eyes and was immediately blinded by the sun streaming in through the blinds. I shut my eyes and turned away, stretching my arms above my head. My hands brushed up against a headboard that shouldn’t be there. “Shit!” my eyes flew open and I sat straight up in the bed, that clearly wasn’t my own. Shit. Looking around the room and seeing my, and my conquests clothes scattered all over the floor. I put my face in my hands and rubbed my eyes to help wake up. That’s when the water to the

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    "Put both of your hands on the steering wheel!" He angrily shouted. My heart raced as I nervously replied "Yes sir" and obediently placed both of my shaking hands against the steering wheel of my 2008 Nissan Altima. The officer flashed his flashlight in my face through my rolled down window and proceeded to shout at me. "Step out of the car, and place your hands behind your back, you 're being arrested." My heart sank and the only word I could manage to make sense of in my mind at that moment was

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    It was an ideal day to be outside, the sky a soft azure blue with the fluffiest pearl white clouds that resembled different shapes and images if you took the time and effort to truly admire them. The air was warm with just the hint of a soft sweet breeze. The wind rustled the leaves of the tall sugar maple trees that surrounded the back of the expansive area around us. Soft invisible lips touched the tips of the of the flower petals on the periwinkle vines. They grew entwined within the spokes of

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    For as long as I can remember my great-grandparents have owned a wood burning stove to heat their house. My great-grandpa, my mother, my brother, and I had always been the ones to retrieve and split the wood for their stove. Since my great-grandpa and mother have gotten older, the responsibility of this laborious task has been handed down to my brother, Griffin, and myself. Retrieving and splitting wood is a long, tiring, and cold process. First, as with most things we must start at the source

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    "Okay Arabella, I 'll leave you with Mark here and he 'll run you through the basics." I shot a grateful smile to the lady as she smiled back boldly, her "manager" tag a bit askew on her shirt. I watched as a tendril of her harshly-coloured black hair fell into her eyes and she hastily brushed it away from her freckle-smattered face. "My fiancee and I decided to open this cafe a couple of years ago," she added perkily before laughing softly, "Before it was, I don 't know, completely run by drugs

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    I took a tentative step forward to take him from her, but before I even got to within ten feet of him. She pulled him back close to her while wrapping both of her hands around his head and throat where she then snapped his little neck like a twig. I could hear the sound of his fragile bones shatter as he let out one last screech that immediately fell silent when his body went limp in her hands. “Nooo!” I screamed as I watched helplessly as she killed my kitten. And then, at that very

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    “Fine day to plant,” Plank said, and Bea lost her hand spade. “Poop.” She grasped for the tool before it could bruise the delicate pansies she had laid out, evenly spaced, shed of their plastic nursery pots. Moist potting soil and Styrofoam bits still clung to their feathery roots and she hoped to get them into the ground before they wilted. Looking up, Bea found a slender, conservatively suited stranger at the edge of her driveway. “I didn’t mean to startle you, Miss Westcott.” He stood with

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    “Can we have Matthew Adelfio to the Dean’s office?” A voice pierced through the telephone sitting on the teacher’s immaculate desk. Immediately I began to cringe, sweat dripping down my neck and tickling my back. I couldn’t breathe. My lungs like overfilled balloons in my chest and I stood up out of my desk and walked like a zombie to the Dean’s office. I was a walking corpse, my thoughts were disconnected from my body. My mind was telling me not to go, but my body walked without command. My plain

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    your destination, 1001 Discovery Lane.” I get out and see something beautiful, something I would have never found had I not taken this journey, an idea! I am not always inspired to write, however the process of writing usually does lead me to inspiration. When it comes to writing, I don’t wait for inspiration. I don’t sit around hoping the clouds part with a muse descending from heaven ready to bestow brilliance upon me with just a simple touch on my forehead. Being a standup comedian and

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    She wouldn 't stop taunting or teasing, or swatting back his verbal volleys with ones of her own, regardless of the two fingers buried in her wet pussy, and the moans Duane elicited with his constant ministrations. Moans that were only exceeded in volume and intensity by Duke 's own breathy gasps of arousal when her hand joined her thigh, and she caressed his erection through the fabric of his trousers. Duke twitched and his eyes rolled in his head, as his hips spasmed and he instinctively ground

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    1 Sometimes I don’t know who I am, where I am, or what I’m doing. I feel imprisoned, sometimes, in a state of eternal dreaming. Although my dreams aren’t happy or fun or kind. They’re just dreams. They’re not real and I’ve known this for a long time. I see waves of sunlight pour through the bathroom window, catching fire to thousands of specks of dust. Dust. Inconsequential to the highest degree. I start to wonder what it would be like to be dust. Abandoned and lonely. Drifting through the world

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    about how you felt today.” I squeeze my eyes shut, and soft brown shapes and grey spots swim across my gaze. “Today I felt very anxious.” My chest tightens, and I open my eyes. “I-uh- I was having thoughts...” My voice trails off. The doctor begins writing on his clipboard. “What kind of thoughts? Can you describe them?” “I wanted to kill someone.” “That’s why you’re here,” says the doctor. He is still smiling slightly. “But can you give me some more details? Just so I can really understand how you

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    Everywhere around us was desert and farming grounds except for the few trees on our property that were purposely planted. We had a neighbor on the right—if you could call two miles away a neighbor—and I assumed there was another one somewhere on our left. I guess that was a good thing about living in the country; no neighbors meant there was no one there to welcome you to the neighborhood. I hated that; it always made me feel like I had to be nice even though I wanted to hate them. There was a huge

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    GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE UNIT 3: DESCRIPTIVE WRITING The Descriptive Writing task in Unit 3 is worth 7.5% of the subject award and is marked out of 20. The mark given for each of the examples provided is supported by comments related to the criteria given in the specification for (i) Content & Organisation; (ii) Sentence Structure, Punctuation & Spelling. A notional grade is indicated in each case, based on the way that the same mark scale for Writing has been used in the past, and consistent with

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    Vegetarian Vernacular The soft daylight cautiously showed itself on the floor in patches; the thick curtain muting harsh rays and only allowing the sun’s light to truly show itself in dancing geometric patterns from where the cloth didn’t quite cover the window. The entryway to my room was closed , the windows shut, and the air dry and dusty. An ever evident white noise of a small black fan disclosed the continuous clicking of a computer’s mouse. The internet was a vast place, and one that

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    Arianne Rodriguez ENC 1101a Another wonderful morning; today, I woke up very, very, very anxious, like a dog, when he hears his owner arrive. I opened my eyes so fast, and I began to sing very loudly: She will be loved by Maroon 5, one of my favorite songs, and also, one of the most romantic, lovely, tender… video clips which leaves me with goose bumps. My boyfriend was sleeping and said to me very strongly: “Ari, coooono…es demasiado temprano, podrias parar de cantar y de moverte al menos

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    I woke up early the next morning. Typically I hate mornings but I have a lot of stuff to do. I have to get clothes for Niall. That is going to some time. I have to pick out what I don 't want an can give him that will keep him warm for the winter. I don 't have that very good of clothes selection anyways. I don 't have enough money to guy any. I barely have enough for food at the end of the month when rents due. Amy lets me have two free items a day, of whatever is left. Sometimes nothing is left

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    Imagine it is a beautiful summer day and you are sprawled out across a towel in the soft green grass, just soaking in the warm rays of the sun as you are reading your favorite book and enjoying a delicious snack of watermelon. The air is hot and humid, but there is relief from the heat comes in the form of a cool breeze that gently ruffles your hair as it passes by. You feel completely relaxed and content in your current position, and you feel yourself slowly drifting off to sleep when you hear

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    I sat across from a greasy skinned, nearly toothless man. He grinned at me, causing his mischievous, dirty gray eyes to crinkle around the corners. I returned the stare with almost black eyes full of bitter hatred. I hated everyone, everyone except my beautiful Catherine, and sometimes I had to stop myself from hating her. My only drive was revenge; my body was always stiff, my head always pounding. I brushed sticky crumbs off the sticky table. “Shut The Box.” I said in a low, rough voice. I was

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    It was another typical morning in the streets of Boston. People rushing to their jobs and their hand gripping tightly the cup of mug carefully trying their hardest not to spill or bump into others. My mother and I were headed to our favorite diner called “South Street Diner” it was famous for its fluffy, extremely warm, covered in powdered sugar pancakes. We sat down in the booth waiting for our to go order, as soon as I heard my mother’s name being called I spotted a small object on the table from

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    When I get to 12th street, I see a man standing outside of door in the alleyway. I wave to my neighbor as he drives away. As I approach this quite muscular man, he asks me a question. “Who sent you?” “Excuse me?” I inquire. “Who sent you?” I think for a long moment and then the answer becomes ever so simple. “Charles,” I reply. A moment later I was inside. I am immersed into a different world and only a door separates it from the old one. There are women and men dancing together, but not in a style

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    I was running to the waitress infuriated and kept thinking how he had the nerve to do that in front of me. I asked the waitress for the piece of paper that was handed to her, and as she begins to pull it out of her pocket my heart sank as I realized there is no going back. I am either going to find out the devastating truth or look like an idiot in from of the waitress and the rest of the staff that surrounded us in the restaurant. This day started out amazing, as I was super excited that

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    dreading to take it, for I’m not a fan of writing essays. I’m glad I took this class, though, for a couple of reasons: one it was online, it was in the middle of the summer, and then the course was stretched over an 8-week course. I came in here just trying to get my credit for my major, but I’ve taken into liking of some of the authors we’ve covered and check out some of their works after this course. I would say or like to think, that I’ve become better and writing my essay, also become easier to write

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    “Tell them we are going!” my mother screamed from her room. Our ride was here. We were heading to my favorite place. We go there every Monday in the afternoon around 6:00 p.m. I opened the door to go outside. The sky seemed full of white and gray clouds moving to the south. The mountains were located on the south. The first time one of the church people proposed going to the mountains to pray, not everybody seemed convince. A very different place, yet everyone goes there. The green Ford F-150 was

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    My head is pounding, my feet feel numb, and everything is blurry. I know I went out last night, but I can’t remember why or what all happened. All that I can see is flashing lights, red, purple, yellow, green, and blue flashing around all over the place. Hands being thrown in the air and music filling the room, its vibrations nearly shaking the floor beneath my feet. My head was spinning and I felt that everything was magical. I can’t remember why I was there, but for that time I didn’t care about

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    The blaring sun forced my eyes to squint, leaving me with no other choice but to grab my sunglasses. The penetration of it interrupted my usual day dreaming. It was early afternoon in the middle of summer, and I was more than appreciative of the beautiful weather. It was not too hot, nor too cold, which put me in a calming state of mind. However, my eyes felt the effect of the radiating sun. Still squinting, I let out a sigh as I sluggishly leaned over the hammock. With my arm flailing around, I

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    He had to wash his hands. He never understood why, but he had to wash his hands. Before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner. Wash wash wash. Josef sneered as he watched his hands move over to the sink and begin washing. There was no point in trying to stop it. As if it was a record player skipping on the same note he washed his hands. Mother and Father demanded this and as such the rules were to never be broken. Josef marched down the steps announcing to his mother that he was coming for dinner

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    "Nika you know it wasn 't like that, I swear baby. I just wanted to better myself for you. This( points to the house and himself) was an upgrade for you, you deserved better than the 16 year old dope boy you would come over and smash from time to time. I wasn 't out there fucking bitches? I was focusing on what I 'm building for myself , hopefully us. I 've barely touched anyone in these past 5 years. I don 't know if i can say the same for you though " Drake said starting to get frustrated at how

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    I could see their mouths moving, but I was too busy examining their necks to pay attention. If I could just get one tiny bite out of it... "Gemma?" I snapped out of my trance, and turned to Elena. "Yeah?" "Um...Caroline asked if you wanted to come with us to the dance," she responded. "What dance?" I asked confused. "Prom?" Bonnie said surprised. I shook my head. "No thanks. Um, I have to go now." I stood up and walked away quickly. "What 's wrong with her?" I heard Caroline ask. "I don

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    head, smiling at Aradia before swiftly leaving, locking her cell and scuttling down the corridor. Aradia flipped over onto her stomach, placing Fyodor Dostoevsky’s book in front of her. The copy was old and worn, many of the pages ripped and the writing smudged. Although her cell’s light was dull, she was able to read well enough if she strained her eyes. She flicked through the pages, following the story of a young student heavily in debt, losing contact with the people around him. Aradia focused

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    Preconceptions For as long as I can remember, I have always been intimidated by the thought of purchasing my next car at a car dealership. It all seems so overwhelming. There are masses of car sales people scrambling around you, trying to make the next sale. There are huge clutters of vehicles present to choose from. The staggering pressure to make that final decision is unbelievable. It is unclear to me why someone would even consider visiting one of those death traps. Could anything be worse

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