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  • High School Creative Writing Class

    Since my high school Creative Writing class will be an elective class that will consist of students in tenth through twelfth grade, I will need to find ways to bring student fun into the learning as much as possible. I have found that students love to eat and socialize, so I will include food, props, and games whenever possible. Difficulty will occur as the norm for class size at my school is thirty-two to thirty-six students, and not all students want to be in the classes where they are assigned

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  • Creative Writing: Sisters in Hawaii Essay

    I was woke up to a banging at my door. A glimpse at the alarm clock told me it was 7:00 in the morning and I knew exactly who it was banging at my door. Disgruntled and half asleep I stumbled to the door to open it. “What are you doing up so early in the morning Janet? We are on vacation so why don’t you go to your room and go back to sleep!” I said as I slowly close the door in her face. “Come on Tiffany we are in Hawaii, it is to beautiful here to be sleeping in every day. Plus I saw this

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  • Questions On Writing And Writing

    Duarte page 1 Writing has never been easy, but the more years of practicing writing the easier it seems to get. To every great writing piece there is always a great writing process. Some process may be very structured and some may be a “Wing it” type process or others may be in between. My process has always been the “Wing it” type. Where some have to plan and plan what they are going to write about or say, I find it easier to just start writing and go from there. The rest just comes to

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  • Essay on Creative Emulation

    | Creative Emulation of Laura Esquivel’s writing style | English Higher Level IA-2 | | | 2/21/2010 | Candidate Name: Shaz Jaleel School: Dubai American Academy Word Count: 1121 Teacher: Mrs. Williams Creative Emulation: Isra Ahmed, a seventeen year old girl from Karachi had yearned for the day where she would be able to express her love for Mihir Jham. They had been together ever since the beginning of their college year, though this had been a secret kept from her parents

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  • I Am A Creative Writing Course At The University Of South Florida

    I took a creative writing course at the university of South Florida. The only reason I contemplated staying was a sexy Co-Ed I shared the textbook with. I thought to myself what could they teach me about writing. I became disinterested and decided to see what my fraternity brothers were doing instead in the land of Disney and three o’clock thunderstorm. Fast-forward ten years in the future. I decided to buckle down and become a writer – officially. I had been writing screenplays unsuccessfully in

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  • Creative Paper

    imagination to produce helpful ideas. Creative individual can have numerous talents ranging from problem solving to an individual who is creative in the arts. Understanding creativity and where it comes from is rather difficult as no one knows what it means because creativity comes in different ways. The application process of creativity is something that researchers are constantly studying and demonstrating in hopes of understanding the process. The creative process includes four stages, which involves

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  • Creative Writing Essay

    The earthen walls shake. My feathers rattle against the cage as another blast startles me. The inevitable screams follow; the wretched sound of men killing men. All that keeps this pigeon sane in this fetid cesspit of death is the inextinguishable thought of home. Home. A dovecot high above the city, surrounded by the bountiful streets of urban London. A loft, filled with the warm, earthy aroma of oats and the soft, inviting coos of my brethren. A place of safety, comfort and companionship, broken

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  • Writing : Writing And Writing

    I improved on a lot of things in the elements of writing. It has helped me get a lot of work done and actually being interested in writing papers and learning new ways to improve myself as a writer. Writing papers was never my strong point, I was never very good at it. Papers to me have become very manageable with the help of this class and my teacher. Writing in my opinion, doesn’t just communicate ideas, it generates them. When writing I tend to need help by others because I may not realize my

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  • Creative Writing: The Devil’s Lettuce Essay

    day prohibition, the only difference is someone decided to give it another name. Now, we call it The War on Drugs. If the problem with prohibition was a PR issue, a badass name like the War on Drugs should fix the problem, right? Shockingly, the creative relabeling didn’t change anything. The same tactics that were used back in the 1920s to defend us against alcohol are being used today against marijuana and are yielding the same results: more people in jail, more money wasted by the government,

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  • My Writing : I Hated Writing

    I hated writing. And believe me, I still do hate writing even right now. Imagine yourself being in college a writing class with a tired body and a tired mind because you had early morning classes already. Even worse, the professor gives you writing assignment that has to be at least three pages long. I can already hear your whining voices and complaints, but once you start writing papers, it would not be difficult to write because it is in your language. However, for me, it is challenging because

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  • Creative Writing: Ernest and The Sargeant Essay

    The afternoon sun shined down Ernest's back as he stood on his toes to get a look over the trench wall. All of the men had been warned not to look over, despite the natural inclination to do so. Even when there was no attack at the moment, a random sniper shot could bring death to a soldier on his first day of service. “Johnson!” Ernest quickly lowered back down into the trench. He turned to the sergeant behind him. “Do you want to get killed Private?” The sergeant barked. “No sir!” Ernest hastily

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  • Poetry As A Creative Way Of Expressing

    Poetry is a creative way of expressing one’s self to the public. It is one of the most effective tools that people use to point out wrongs in society and reward the right virtues. Apart from developing the plot in a poem, the setting of the poem has much information that it adds to the general understanding of the poem. First, it helps in developing the theme in the poem. Poets think deeply about the themes that they would wish to present to their readers before starting to write. As they plan for

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  • Writing As A Creative Process

    Writing is a creative process and is without a doubt one of the greatest forms of art. To a writer a word is like the paint that an artist uses to decorate their canvas. While lacking any true meaning on its own, once it is blended and used in union with other words it can end up creating a masterpiece that spurs the imagination and inspires thought. As a kid I always was in awe by the power of words and their ability to make a story and make me feel like the worlds they spoke of actually existed

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  • I Am Not A Creative Person

    I am not a creative person. Some individuals are born to be poets, actor and artist because they seem to have creativity and imagination infused into them. However, I am an accounting major who accepted a long time ago that I have logic and organization infused into me. I am wired to approach everything in steps, similar to solving a math problem. This is why I think of writing as a step-by-step process. This semester I focused on how to take a chaotic mess of information and techniques and narrow

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  • Creative Thinking Essay

    creativity as a skill that is within every person’s reach, a skill that can be fostered and that is required in every activity that we engage in. For many involved in education, the promotion of creativity is of fundamental importance. With regards to creative learners, schools’ curricular choices can suppress creativity. A curriculum which is predetermined, compulsory and which is predominantly focused on the acquisition of knowledge and rote learning, poses challenges to the promotion of creativity.

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  • Creativity and Creative Learning Essay

    Jasmine Edworthy- The differences between creative learning and creativity- there can be many meanings to creativity; creativity consists of the traditional creative arts and development of the imagination and imaginative play such as role play. Creativity is about helping children to find ways to express themselves through a range of ways such as painting, model making, sewing and dancing. Creativity is about exploring emotions and expressions, so the focus of creativity in this sense is only

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  • Creative Writing: The Machine Essay

    The Machine Milo We’re almost there! A new land, a new start. It’ll be perfect Milo, a new life, where we are free to do as we please. Milo scraped the damp stones with his shoe, scowling at the mold growing in orderly rows between the gaps. The light was dim, but in reality, it was nonexistent. Mr. Nemitz rambled on about Old Town, and how the new city would be even better. “--and it was bright and yellow and gold, with leaves shaking in the sunlight…” Mr. Nemitz sang with joy. Milo turned

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  • Creative Writing - English Assessment Essay

    The escape. I woke up on a summer day, birds chirping, children playing, but all the joy and the innocence of this was behind me. I couldn't just get up and play, or sing, because I was chained to a wall. This is what happens in this country when you commit something really bad. The war finished a few years ago but the situation here wasn’t as beautiful as some people tried to show it. My friends and I were caught by police while we were having my 23rd birthday party. They just came in and took

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  • Creative Writing: Inn from Hell Essay

    Creative Writing: Inn From Hell It all started on a dark a stormy night just outside of the Paris city limits at about 11:00 P.M. when Doctor Bleed and his assistant checked into the old run down inn. You see the weather was so bad that they could not even make it all the way over to Spain so they had to stop. They walked in with their clothes soaked from the rainfall, when they first walked in they realized that there was nobody at the desk to wait on them so they just took it upon themselves

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  • Creative Writing - Belonging

    Creative Writing I jump back as a black feline shoots across the path in-front of me. I catch a glimpse of its matted fur; a screeching hiss pierces the night air as it encounters a mammal in the undergrowth. They say a black cat at night is bad luck, but I honestly doubt my luck could get any worse in light of recent events. “Get out, you don’t belong here anymore”, “Just looking at you makes me sick. Leave now and get out of our lives”. It’s funny how the ones who are meant to love you the most

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  • Gothic Creative Writing Story Essay examples

    The burning began at the earliest hour. His majesty, king of Otranto watched unsatisfied as the roaring flames licked over what was once the purest of white roses. All composure lost at but a petal unlit, he left no rose in his entire kingdom with even the dignity of coal before dismantling to ash, until alas, they were sealed to their fiery fate. The winds were still now, not even the tweak of a tree for encouragement nor the bravery of a whisper of the surrounding men as they watched in due apprehension

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  • Creative Writing Relating to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

    Thursday morning: Verona Court: Enter Prince Escales, Friar Lawrence, Old Capulet, Lady Capulet, Nurse, Old Montague and Lady Montague Narrator: The scene was set with Friar Lawrence before a tribunal chaired by the Prince to explain his part in the Tragedy. The Prince waited in his seat for Friar Lawrence to arrive. Friar Lawrence arrived and was told to take his seat. Friar Lawrence was a respectable man of the Church and his role in this play was parallel to

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  • Essay on Creative Writing- The Wounded Seagull

    In Christina’s vast, shadowy and handicapped world, there was nothing that seemed to make her feel as free as she would ever physically be able to, which was to sit on her doorstep, and soak in all her surroundings. She had developed a sense of oneness with nature. But this was not enough to pacify the yearning for freedom. Although she always saw the glass more than half full, it was still empty, and nothing seemed to fill up the hollow patch. Christina became disabled due to a severe

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  • Creative Writing: a Dream Come True

    Creative Writing: A Dream Come True Chad Jay Yr.11 There I was, sitting on my bed at 2:30 am. Wondering about the dream I just had. Not only was it stupid, but I have never had such a weird dream. It was really different. The dream was about a little dog. The dog was walking on my chest, while I was lying on something soft. I think it was a mattress. The puppy walked towards y waist. I knew that it was going to bite. "Get lost". I yelled. The dog remained calm. Now it was standing on my waist

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  • Welcome Home Sylvia- Creative Writing Essay examples

    Sylvia couldn’t sleep; no matter how much she tried she just couldn’t do it. She was just lying on the hard hospital bed with the uncomfortable, smelly, brown covers right up to her bright red lips with her eyes tightly shut. She pulled the covers down and peered, quite predominantly at the clock on her old dusty bedside table with only a glass of stale water and her own analogue watch she was wearing at the time it had happened. She strained to read the display.

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  • Writing And Writing Of Writing

    On Writing in School Most students groan when they hear about a writing assignment even some adults feel the same sense of dread when hearing those two words. They feel as though they have better things to do with their time, or with their brain power. These students know that they would rather go out and spend time with friends or family then to have to write a thousand word essay. I admit I was once one of these people, I was someone who struggled to find the motivation to write, to find the

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  • Creative Writing Essay

    “Creative Writing versus Technical Writing” It is often difficult to distinguish the differences and similarities between Technical Writing and Creative Writing. Writing is writing and good writing is creative writing. If we accept, however, that Technical Writing exists in its own category, with Creative Writing in another, how can we categorize creative Technical writing? One way to explore the differences and similarities between Technical Writing and Creative Writing is to

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  • Creative Writing About Shutter Island Essay

    I haven’t seen many Scorsese films, which I am ashamed of. Nor have I been able to finish a Lynch film. I have the gall to call myself a film buff, and I haven’t many of these so-called masters. But this review isn’t about David Lynch, it’s about fast-talking film entrepreneur Martin Scorsese. And there’s been Taxi Driver, The Departed, Casino and now Shutter Island that I’ve seen. One thing I have been able to pick up from his movies, is that his subject matter tends to be either disconnected people

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  • English Creative Writing Essay

    It was the last night of camp. Everyone had mixed emotions; some girls were happy to see their parents, some girls sad that they are leaving, and some who are just kind of like whatever. That night I was between, I was super excited to see my family and pick up my brother from the brother camp, but at the same time really sad that I was leaving my friends who became really like sisters to me. Most of all I was excited to have our parents watch Hymn Sing. I walk into to the dining hall for the last

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  • A Rose for Emily - Creative Writing

    the window in the room where Homer Barron was killed. The window is a witness of Emily´s entire life and it is the one who can describe everything that has happened at the moment Emily puts an end to Homer’s existence. In my opinion, this piece of writing can enrich the text because the reader gets a glimpse of the conversation Emily and Homer have before she kills him and what Tobe’s position in her game is. The long room, with its pink walls, was dark and empty, except for all the new furniture

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  • Essay about Creative Writing- the Lake

    English Creative Writing The soft cushions, the filtered light fell upon the faded, dusty dark carpet. “She was a good woman, your Grandmother, she taught me a lot,” said Jenna, trying to comfort me in my despair. I didn’t reply because it would encourage more of her pointless words of sympathy, adding to the awkwardness of the situation. “Would you like to hear about our experience at the lake in the summer of 1965?” Jenna exclaimed. Although I did not want more pathetic words of comfort, this

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  • Creative Writing Alternate Jack and the Beanstalk Essay examples

    Jack Episode IV: The Magical Key Jack is your normal, everyday 15 year old kid. Since he could remember, he has always had to do without many possessions in his life. But he has always been happy-go-lucky, yet somewhat careless with his thoughts and actions. They lived in a rundown apartment building in the slums, and have been selling their possessions and finding miscellaneous jobs and tasks just to make it by. Jack was down to his last few cd’s and just a couple of dvd’s, while his mother

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  • Creative Writing : An Extraordinary Woman By Maya Angelo

    Creative Writing became more of a challenging course then I expected. Throughout the writing process I found it difficult to write things which could be more relatable. My goal was to write each piece with some type of relatable aspect for someone else. I found this difficult because, the direction each piece of writing took, was different from what my thoughts were. I would have created writings which were more of a fantasy world, however, I did want the story to be believable for people who do

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  • The Writing Of The English Writing

    N English writing we seldom speak of tradition, though we occasionally apply its name in deploring its absence. We cannot refer to “the tradition” or to “a tradition”; at most, we employ the adjective in saying that the poetry of So-and-so is “traditional” or even “too traditional.” Seldom, perhaps, does the word appear except in a phrase of censure. If otherwise, it is vaguely approbative, with the implication, as to the work approved, of some pleasing archæological reconstruction. You can hardly

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  • Creative Writing: Destroying Racism

    Creative Writing: Destroying Racism As the snow covered the house that my grandma occupies, I looked out the window to the neighbor's front door, their mailbox, and the circular driveway they had. It was just another home, where kids could build a snowman or throw snowballs on the front lawn. But there where no children or snowmen here. And beneath the snow, the word "N-I-G-G-E-R" was written in the grass. A family- a home- where they had bothered no one. One night someone decided to take weed

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  • Creative Adaption : Birth Of Karna

    Creative Adaption: Birth of Karna I have never considered what a child means to me before I received the mantra from Durvasa. Nor did I think about marriage. However, I am always curious. What do men and women do to have children? What will it feel like when mating with gods? What is it like to give birth to a child of god? Such thoughts are just bothering me all the time, whenever I am eating, bathing or dreaming. Sometimes I cannot help but to think such questions in my mind even when talking

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  • Please Don't Feed the Monkeys- Creative Writing Essay

    because one of my companions grabbed a man’s arm in a plea for help, but pulled too hard, and dislocated his shoulder) “Do not step past the white line.” But the one that is everywhere around the room, in big black on white, bold writing is: “PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS.”

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  • What Makes Creative Or Creativity Different?

    What makes creative or creativity different? In this part, creative will be explained in two areas: creative problem-solving and the characteristics of the creative individual. There are two essential factors that indicate a solution to a problem categorised as a creative solution: the solution must be novel, and it should solve the question as a problem (Weisberg, 1986). Additionally, Weisberg (1986) also emphasised some factors that play a role in creative problem-solving. Perceptual imagination

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  • Self Discovery And Creative Thinking

    many, and it is more meaningful to be able to express your thoughts within a few hundred or less words. In the past week I have been writing a half/full page journal entry each night about what it means to be alone. During this process I realized that my time spent alone was minimal. This is unfortunate because spending time in solitude for self discovery and creative thinking is now hard to come across in a busy day. A lot of original and authentic thinking comes from when a person is left alone.

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  • Creative Writing: Memories of our Life Essay

    Isn’t it funny how much of our lives will be forgotten? I think it is. We spend so much time immersed in these little moments that will soon float downstream, never to be seen again. I do, at least. I imagine my mind to vaguely resemble the moon, at least in a metaphorical sense. Meteors roar out of the cosmos and smash into me, and the collateral damage wipes out days and months of memories in favor of an impression of a single catastrophic event. Sometimes I feel like I’m all craters where all

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  • English Belonging Creative Essay

    ENGLISH CREATIVE WRITING I am outside the door. Still. I closed the door on the old world of me, the dark side of me. Life as a drug dealer. You get in quick and you get out quick. Simple enough isn’t it? No. Once you choose a direction in life, it’s hard, and can often seem impossible to change. Especially in the world of drugs. I feel like I have let everyone I ever knew down, but it was for my own good. Yeah the money is fantastic, but what good’s money when you’re in the joint for the

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  • Creative Writing: Eveline Essay

    She watched, as Frank and the many passengers aboard the boat sailed away into the darkening night. The reflection of the boat in the water highlighted by the moonlight began to fade just like Eveline’s dreams of a new life. Eveline could not believe that the opportunity to leave Ireland and her monotonous mundane life had been thrown away, for what was a split second decision, which she now deeply regretted. Her grip on the rusted iron railings gradually decreased

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  • Creative Writing: The Midnight Theft Essay

    As the sun slowly settled, darkness began to overcome the Earth. Sickness—had come. The sickness slowly but readily crept into each home. It was the Midnight Theft. The destructive plague stole during midnight—it stole lives. Deep in the heart of Tukenasville, people were dying, and the whole country was beginning to perish. The flowers withered as they bloomed. The mountain peaks crumbled under steer weight. Animals fled to holes to live out the final moments of their life. People were

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  • The Writing Of A Writing

    Writing has always been something I have gotten enjoyment from; sentence structure and grammar being a particular interest of mine. In school, I was quick to catch mistakes in writings and was often praised for my ability to string stories together. Closely observing the techniques and styles of authors I admired, I’ve considered myself to be more of an effective emulator of writing than a true writer. Personally, writing has always been a vehicle for artistic expression, meaning I usually made a

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  • Creative Writing: Beautiful Essay

    “Mom?” Her voice flickers from the closet beside the front door to me in the kitchen, where I’m preparing food for our dinner. I dry my hands on a stray dish towel and walk to find my daughter. She’s standing on a stool in the closet, cradling an old, worn leather Bible in her hands. I gasp, without even realizing it, as I remember whose Bible that is. It’s not my husband’s, nor Aspen’s younger brother Derek’s. It’s mine. I remember receiving the treasured Book in fifth grade, when I graduated

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  • The As A Creative Genius And The Authority Behind A Text

    The romantic conception of the author dictates that the author should be viewed as a creative genius and the authority behind a text. As such the author is a vital element of the creative film making process, as Altman acknowledges: “somebody has to create the basic blueprint” (Richolson, 1992: 152). ‘Auteurism’ is the concept of a film as the personal expression of the writer or director; as Lapsley explains; “The displaced orthodoxy can be encapsulated by the single word ‘auterism’: the belief

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  • Creative Writing: Dragon's Throttle Essay

    Clean-up! On Aisle Nine! I left the office at about two o’clock, sadly recognizing the space I called my preferred home had its days numbered. Psychologically drained for my ruthless triggered bluntness toward Jasen but I did not buckle and walked out of my office with my head-up. If that wasn’t enough, I’d done all this shopping, yet it had slipped my mind to pick up a few essentials for home, I battled with myself whether to go to a local pharmacy for toiletries or shop for fresh fruit and

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  • Nightmare - Creative Writing Essay

    The howling of the wind brought my eyes to open. Where was I? Focusing in the dark of night, confusion washed over me as I came to realize I was in the desert. Distant landscapes of dry and worn rock surrounded me, and beneath my bare feet I felt the gritty sand caught between my toes. I was surrounded by those rocky hills and yet as I scanned the desolate desert it seemed never ending. The irony of the nighttime desert suddenly set into my body; that ghastly wind moving right through me and chilling

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  • My Writing - Original Writing

    younger my writing consisted of many errors just like any normal elementary schooler. I remember in first grade we had a stuffed animal bear everyone got to take home one weekend and write about all the things we did with this bear. As I look back on my writing from back then I laugh because of all the misspelled words and sentences that just did not make sense at all! As I went through school teachers always had us to different writing assignments and with everyone I watched my writing get stronger

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  • Creative Writing: The Shadows of the Past Essay

    is not worthy to be called a serious relationship. Obviously, she just want to have fun and use you.” “Yea, she uses me. I am just her toy for pleasure. Not worthy, yea, it is not worth a single cent, not at all!!!” Jacqui stood up, walked to my writing table, took my laptop and returned to me. “I want to make an online shopping. I would like to give the slut a final gift,” she said and laughed, louder. “What’s on your brain?” “You will see. This must be fun, buddy, trust me. Hahaha…” It was almost

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