Essay about Use of Technology in Education

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Modern technology has made it so much easier to obtain educational information for classroom or homework assignments. It offers educational games that stimulate the brain and help children who have difficulties focusing on traditional teaching and learning procedures. College students are even taking advantage of online courses that many colleges are offering as an alternative to physically attending classes. Advances in technology and computers will continue to play an important role in education for many generations to come.

While taking a typing course in high school, the hardest part was remembering where each key was. I could never figure out why the typewriter keys were set up in the order they were, but once I learned the
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Along with the new dot matrix printer, a word processing program called "WordPerfect" revolutionized how we did business. Before too long, the typewriter found a new home in the corner of our office collecting dust.

Over the next decade, enhancements were invented that improved the speed and storage capability of the computer. Information and word processing programs that once had to be loaded by disk with each use could now be loaded into the computer's hard drive. A "modem" sat beside the computer to enable one machine to communicate or exchange information with another machine in the same office. Soon, computers could talk to each other regardless of where they were. The modem and the "windows" environment are probably the most important advances in computers and completely changed our way of life. They enabled users to do multiple projects at one time and opened the doors of communication with others around the world.

The Internet, along with many online programs has made the personal computer a virtual classroom in itself. For example, research for classroom and homework assignments once required visits to the local public library to obtain information. Now, full color encyclopedias and reference "books" are kept on small compact disks, ready to load into the computer. The days of purchasing costly and quickly outdated publications and

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