The Day the World Stopped Turning Essay

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Five hundred thousand dollars is the estimated amount of money it cost to plan and implement the death of 2,977 people ( 500,000 dollars is the amount of money that changed one nation forever. For some, it is hard to believe that this America is the same country as it was 12 years ago. In some ways, it is, but in most ways, the pre-september-11 America is almost a completely different America than the post 9/11 America. This country has changed in almost every way it can: technology, government, traditions, education, and economy. Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida caused the cultural transformation in the United States through the terrorist attacks that they planed and executed on September 11, 2001.
Before September 11, 2001,
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We also had no clue who Osama Bin Laden was or what he was capable of (Robinson). The everyday American did not commonly know what terrorism was or how to describe it to a child. Fifteen years ago, we were not constantly at war in the ‘Middle East’, not that people now know where that is anyways. The nation before the attacks had no idea that someone would want to hurt innocent civilians going to work or school in the morning.
The day of September 11, 2001 was the day that people saw the world in a different way. That day was the event of a lifetime, and sadly, sure to be in all of the history books, as American Airlines Flight 11 flew straight into the north tower of the world trade center ( “The building just sank down on itself, and tiled over. Then it all turned black; the smoke was all about me, you couldn’t see at all.” Says Mr. Ehevaria, being interviewed from the New York Times. People of New York and across the nation stood in shock or ran for their lives as the misfortune of the morning turned into the reality that a horrible accident had not happed, but rather a breach in our fragile, yet invincible looking security as the second tower fell to the ground. “Then the second tower was hit, and evacuation began. It took 15 minutes, he said, adding “Some people were crying but it was very orderly. Someone with a bullhorn was saying. ‘Just walk, don’t run and don’t panic.’”” (Barnes). People were praying to god to get out alive and lining up to

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