Substance Use in Adolescents Essay

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The teen years can lead to some memorable years, some positive experiences and some negative. Driving, dating, freedom, and independence are all things that are typically looked forward to in the adolescent years. However, new experiences can come with steep consequences. Substance abuse and addiction dung the adolescent stage poses serious threats to healthy neurological development of the brain. With alarming percentages of adolescents in the United States admitting to substance use in recent years, multiple types of damage has been done to the still developing brains of this population, but active involvement in religion and spirituality is key to the prevention of substance use in this age range.
Every day the United States has seen a
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Furthermore, Miller (2009) highlighted cannabis to be the substance out of the illegal substances that is most often abused by teens followed by meth and prescription drugs (as cited in Doweiko, 2012). Locally, the surrounding Charleston area in West Virginia has seen a smaller number of teen substance arrests in recent years. Craig from the Charleston Gazette (2011) reported that two teens were arrested for drug possession after a police officer spotted bullet holes in the door panels and investigated. The teens admitted that the gun fire happened during a drug deal (Craig, 2011). According to Morris (2013), a reporter for WCHS News, the son of the current mayor was found and arrested for possession for an identified drug in August 2013. Comments made by the mayor revealed that his son had been dealing with a drug addiction (Morris, 2013). Rubin (2013), another reporter for WCHS News, noted that cannabis was found among the belongings of a teen whose vehicle crashed into a tree, killing one teen and wounding 10 others who had been involved (Rubin, 2013).
Abuse or addiction to substances during adolescence creates significant deficiencies to several areas of the brain that are still growing. Doweiko (2012) explained that substance use during this stage of life interferes with the proper “neurological maturation” (p. 270). Thousands of neural pathways are being pruned during this stage. Lubman, Yucel, and Hall

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