Significant Developments of Benjamin Alexander Essay

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During infancy, children go through many different types of development that fall under three major categories. There are many milestones that take place during this period, including several physical, some cognitive, and a few socio-emotional developments. This paper covers a small number of the countless remarkable advancements my nephew Benjamin Alexander has experienced in a short five months. My older sister, at only the age of 21, was not planning to conceive a child. Since then she and our family has found it to be blessing in disguise. I always considered my sister to be fairly mature compared to her peers throughout high school and since going off to college along with having a child she has definitely grown up immensely, …show more content…
There are various physical developments such as cooing, rooting and teething, while there are also others that are not so obvious, such as sleeping routines, emotional responses, and separation anxiety. Due to the fact that I attend college here in Wilmington, nearly an hour and a half away, I do not get to see Benjamin nearly as much as I would like. However, seeing him on a weekly basis has made his ongoing developments that much more apparent. One physical development during infancy I find most interesting is the extremely rapid growth in length and weight. The textbook states, “the average North American newborn is 20 inches long and weighs 7 pounds (Santrock, 2013).” Benjamin Alexander was born on November 9 this past year at twenty-one and a quarter inches long and weighing eight pounds, three ounces. I was shocked to find out that at Benjamin’s 4 month checkup, he was in the 56th percentile in weight at sixteen pounds and in the 98th percentile in length at 27 inches. Considering my side of the family and I are a bit on the short end, I was somewhat relieved to hear he was in such a high percentile for length at that age. Although I recall being tall compared to my peers as a young child, I ended up being fairly short in comparison to my peers upon high school graduation. I assume the reason I found this statistic so shocking is because I have no way to compare his

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