Philosophy of Education - The Quest for Knowledge Essay

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Philosophy of Education - The Quest for Knowledge

Ray Wilber once stated, "The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation." This simple quote is incredibly motivating to any educator, especially myself. To me, children bring a certain smile to my face whenever they enter a room and so to be a teacher is to know the greatest happiness. Beyond love, education is the greatest gift you can offer a child and teaching allows you to bring that incalculable knowledge to their growing minds.

From my personal and professional experiences with children, I have learned that their minds are like clay ready to be molded and sculpted with new experiences. As any constructivist, I highly
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As subject material comes into play I plan to offer my students a plethora of topics and themes. Subject matter, including mathematics, social studies, science, language arts, health/physical education, art and music will be constantly taught throughout the year and intertwined with one another. Each of these topics is used in the real world and children should be able to recognize how they can use such information in the outside world. Children should want to learn and enjoy it, so motivation and relating lessons to their lives will also be integrated into daily plans.

In order to conduct and carry out a well-managed classroom it is important to implement discipline throughout the day. Children should be rewarded for good behavior (good behavior notes, extra recess time, positive calls home, etc.) and disciplined for inappropriate behavior (verbal warnings, notes home, call home, detention, etc.) Using such tools as a behavior chart so children are aware of their behavior status, which will keep them conscious of decisions made in the classroom. I will be using a "Behavior Light Chart" in the class to allow children to see where they stand behavior-wise during the day. The chart will remain in my possession at all times and not displayed for all to see. Every child starts off with a green light each day, but based on their behavior the light can change from green to

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