Meditations on First Philosophy Essay

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The fourth Meditations of Descartes show that God cannot be a deceiver at all, as God is infinitely good. To judge something it is required to have understanding and will and we should know that the understanding is infinite or in other words it is the faculty, which brings us very close to God. Errors occur when will assents though it does not understand or perceive distinctly. So from this fact we can understand that error is ours and it is not committed by God. He also cannot be blamed for giving us an infinite will, as the will is nothing but a simple infinite entity. How can we perceive something distinctly and clearly? According to Descartes it was possible for God to create him with an insurmountable inclination to assent only to …show more content…
No doubt God is the one in whom all the treasures of wisdom and science are contained. In the Fourth Meditation Descartes offers proofs that God exists and most certainly there is no possibility that a God can be a deceiver, though He might be all-powerful and have all the controls of the world. It is a common knowledge that the world is filled with numerous objects but without the help of God no one can know about them with certainty. We know that God is a guarantor of corporeal things but we should not only depend on God, but He has provided us with some judgment and by using that ability we should find out about those objects. According to Descartes we can only posses the idea of God if He really exists. God is subject to no defect and thus there is no doubt that He cannot be a deceiver. We know that any kind of fault and specially deception must always be the result of some deficiency and it has already been proved that God is subject to no defect. Thus without having any defect, there does not arise any question of God being a deceiver. After it is proved that God is not a deceiver, God becomes very important to Descartes, as now God becomes the guarantor of the foundations of his knowledge. Since it is established that God does no deceive and He has given to each mind such an ability, which can judge correctly and without any difficulty. From all these facts Descartes was able to formulate

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