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Major Parts of a Computer In today’s world almost everything consists of a computer, from cars to cell phones, almost every electronic uses some similar parts to a computer. All personal computers use a system of unit which means that all personal computers are alike in some kind of internally way. Any average person who doesn't know a lot about computers thinks that they are hard to understand and that they are complicated. Do not get me wrong, computers are an intricate piece of equipment but are understandable. The more familiar a person becomes with them the less complicated system units, motherboards, processers, and memory units of a computer are and the more someone knows about computers the better a person can come to understand …show more content…
A person who has to repair a computer of any kind would much rather have to fix internal parts in a desk-top computer versus a laptop computer. Engineering the tower casing itself takes a lot of math and the engineers have to take a lot in consideration when designing these hard protective boxes (What is a Computer System Unit?). They have to make sure everything fits in them and that they will be protected without taking up to space by becoming too bulky and find ways to get around the problem of the computer overheating. In most computers (desk-top and laptops) engineers have designed a small fan that will blow out the heat that a computer can generate when the temperature inside the tower gets to hot and it blows all this heat our small vents cut out on the side of the tower.
The mother board inside of the tower is a big circuit board that holds all of the processing equipment like the C.PU., P.C.I. , audio equipment, U.S.B. ports, and graphic cards. With all these processing and other computing systems they still have to communicate with each other and that’s where the motherboard comes in hand. The mother board just doesn't hold all these types of devices, it also allows these devices to communicate with each other so they run smoothly without any problems just like how a motor in a car works, all the parts work with each other. But these parts can break and wear out just like how

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