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Journey to My Philosophy of Nursing After being a nurse for almost three years, I have reached to the conclusion that the nursing profession is like a journey that for some can be beautiful and challenging, for others, can be very difficult and unpleasant. A true nurse needs to have compassion, and the real need to help others not mattering the culture, sex, or race. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and it is there when I feel that I made the right decision when I choose to become a nurse taking this challenging journey.
Choice of Nursing Choosing nursing for me was like a call that I felt deep inside after many years working at Parkland Memorial Hospital as a Medical Interpreter for Spanish speaking patients. I really loved
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Nursing is a profession that should be practiced by people that like to give love, protection, and care of others without being selfish or thinking in monetary rewards. Nursing is so rewarding in other ways that to me is the best profession that can be practiced by altruistic people. Nursing as a professional career started with Florence Nightingale in the early 1800’s. She created a new philosophy of nursing because was the precursor of what we see in our daily practice today, a series of principles that we put in practice every day (Chitty, 2007, p. 331). These principles are based on the patient’s environment because these affect the patient’s recovery such as sanitation, and resting. After her, there were many others that implemented other philosophies in nursing with similar principles such as Virginia Henderson. Some people refer to her “as the Florence Nightingale of the 20th century” (Masters, 2014, p. 50).
Beliefs and Values I think that we have a variety type of patients. Some, are well aware of what good habits are, and are very responsible with their health taking good care of themselves. Others, are the opposite, and do not take good care of themselves, thinking that they are invincible, and are not going to have health problems, or just do not care at all. The last ones, do not understand anything about health, and do not know how to take good care of themselves, but not because they do not want

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