Internet and Computer Safety Essay

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The growth of the internet and computer technology over the past years has led to the growth of cybercrime throughout the world. Scam artists use clever schemes to scam millions of people around the globe each year. Cybercrimes affects our daily lives as much as normal crimes. When internet scammer pretend to be a business to trick you into giving out your personal information, it’s called phishing. It could be as simple as a click on an email from an unknown source. Phishing scams happen in a variety of ways on the internet, which causes a large amount of damage. Since cybercrime is getting larger and larger preventing yourself from being a victim of these phishing scams is also important. Phishing is a major crime that takes …show more content…
Considering how long email phishing has been used, it may seem odd that it continues to work. Then why do people fall for phishing scams? It is because these emails are very well done. Phishing emails are sent to thousands, if not millions to people. Hoping that even a few recipients will provide their personal and financial information. Anyone with an email address is at risk of being phished. Phishing scammers know exactly how to design emails to look like the real ones. Busy people look through these kind of emails, trust them and click on their links because they look almost exactly like the real thing. At first glance, it may not be obvious to the user that what is in their inbox is not a real email from a company they do business with. Many successful email phishing attacks have been used in the past, examples include eBay and PayPal phishing scams. Both company’s eBay and PayPal users receive messages that look legitimate. The messages typically tells them to verify their account information or to update their credit card numbers. People often fall for these because they are afraid of losing access to these important services. Both companies now offer lengthy information on ways to avoid phishing scams on their websites.

Unfortunately, phishing scams are becoming more and more difficult to identify. There is no way to completely avoid email phishing attacks. Sooner or later, someone is going

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