How to Use a Stethoscope Essay

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How to Use a Stethoscope

Perhaps one of the greatest abilities in today’s medical world is the ability doctors and nurses have to listen to heartbeats, pulses, and breathing patterns with simplicity. It doesn’t require any high-tech equipment. It doesn’t require a myriad of tests and examinations. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars per minute to operate. In fact, the abilities that I just mentioned are made possible by this instrument: a stethoscope.

The stethoscope that we know today is not the stethoscope that was invented nearly 200 years ago. In 1816, a young physician in Paris, France, named R.T.H. Laennec, created the first recorded stethoscope, thanks to his noble convictions. You see, Dr. Laennec was examining a female
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However, the basic operation of any stethoscope is essentially the same. In order to realize the full benefits of using a stethoscope, there are some basic rules one must follow.

     First, you should become familiar with the parts of your stethoscope. These are called the ear tips. They position comfortably in the outer ear, much like a headphone or a cellular phone earpiece may. The tubing follows downward, and may vary in length between different stethoscopes. At the end of the tubing is the chest piece, or diaphragm. This is the instrument that actually receives and magnifies the sound vibrations. At this point in my demonstration, I’m going to need a volunteer from the audience. I’ve already arranged for my friend Damien to come to the front with me and serve as a patient. In order to use your stethoscope correctly, begin by placing the ear tips in each ear, like this. Please note that you should not force the ear tips into the ear canal or any further than they comfortably fit. They are made to rest in the outer ear, and it is not necessary to have them resting flush against your ear drum.

     Once you have placed the ear tips in their correct positions, handle the chest piece with care. These pieces tend to be highly sensitive, and any misuse can easily result in permanent damage to the internal ear. It is fun, however, to scream obscenities, insults, and various other nondescript noises into the

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