Effects of an Interactive Computer Game Essay

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Hypothesis This study was derived to examine the effectiveness of video games used for balance activities in physical therapy. This helps establish the difference between delivering conventional techniques of physical therapy versus newly developed techniques involving computer based games that use the body as the controller. The purpose of this study was to find out if there is a significant advantage to administering an interactive computer game exercise regimen on balance as opposed to traditional methods of balance improvement. (Szturm, Betker, Moussavi, Desai, & Goodman, 2011)
With the ever-developing world of electronics and advancing field of video games, it is believed that physical therapy can also adapt to the
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No significant differences in the patient’s mobility, sex, age, or gait speed could be found. (Szturm, Betker, Moussavi, Desai, & Goodman, 2011) Control group received treatment that was generally prescribed for patients with balance issues. Exercises consisted of strengthening and balance work in both sitting and standing position. Uses of Thera-Band and leg weights were for strengthening, and a gait re-education and walking aid program was developed with the use of parallel bars. Additionally the patients participated in an unsupervised walking program. (Szturm, Betker, Moussavi, Desai, & Goodman, 2011) The experimental group used computer games in unison with dynamic balance exercises with the use of a “center of pressure” position sensory mat placed on the floor or on a spongy pad. The data was collected by the pressure mat which calculated the pressure of the feet in different areas, while translating the pressure from the feet to move a mouse on the computer screen. Three separate games were developed for this program and delivered via a computer screen placed one meter away at eye level. (Szturm, Betker, Moussavi, Desai, & Goodman, 2011) Several tests were administered before and after exercise in every treatment session to analyze the change or improvement from ether group and the type of therapy. Some test included but are not limited to Berg Balance Scale, the Timed “Up and Go” Test, and the Clinical

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