Creating a Computer System for a Company Essay

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Creating a Computer System for a Company The On-Site Computer Service is a company that runs a mobile computer repair service. Recently, the management has noticed that expenditure is rising above the limits set. This seems to be because the employees are buying things they think are needed, without checking with the management first. For this reason, they want some method of keeping an eye on any money that is spent by the employees.

Solving the Problem

After thinking about possible solutions, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way to solve this problem. A system needs to be
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Manual Solution:

Using a manual solution would mean:

1. Getting all of the employees to write out by hand all of their expenses, and then add them up using a calculator.

2. Getting employees to use a calculator to find out how they have left every time they spend more, and to record this amount.

3. Getting employees to show their spending etc. in a summary, which must be continually updated. Also, to make a summary of the whole department’s spending.

4. Getting an employee to create an overall summary of the spending of the entire company.

This could be done, but it would take a very long time, as every time new information is added the whole lot must be modified manually. This would take up a lot of time and effort, and would discourage the employees from filling it out properly. It would also mean that it is more likely that the employees will make errors when they are calculating the data, as they have to calculate a lot of data. It may also mean that employees forget about using the system altogether due to the effort and time consummation. For these reasons, I feel that the manual solution is not a very feasible solution.

PC Solution:

Within the PC solution, there are different software solutions available for me to use. I am going to consider two of these for use to create my system.

Microsoft Word:

This is a program that was created

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