Computers: Helpful or Distracting in School Essay

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In the world we live in today almost everyone in the world is using computers. Whether it is surfing the web on your phone or computer. Since technology is such a dominant part of life these days many schools are starting to join in. More and more schools are starting to buy laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices for their students. Some educators believe that computer access in school is a good thing; others believe that they may interfere with the learning process. There are pros and cons to computer access in school. While I go to a school that provides macs for the students, which in many ways is beneficial for me, I believe that it does interfere with the learning process. The reason that I believe the use of computers in …show more content…
One student at Georgetown talks about all the distractions in the classroom, but what was it that was most distracting? The student said, “It was the computer of my neighboring classmate that kept grabbing my attention”(Cutler 2010). So others around the computer abuser are also being distracted from learning. One study done in Nebraska found that in classrooms where computers were not permitted the students had a whole letter grade higher than those who did permit computers (Bane 2013). I have also been in situations where the use of computers disrupts the whole classroom. Someone is doing something on their computer that they should not be doing and the teacher has to stop class to tell them to stop; the whole class is disrupted. Therefore, computers are not such a great idea in the classroom; they are a distraction to students, their peers, and the whole classroom overall. The second reason that computers in school are a bad idea is that the students may be more likely to cheat. How easy is it to just go look up a problem on the Internet (which has answers to almost any problem out there) and get the answer without actually having to do the work. We all have done it at sometime; we do not know an answer in class so we go and “Google” the question to get an answer. Doing so does not help any of the students actually learn the material that the teacher is teaching. I have an End-of-Instruction test coming up in U.S. History and no one in

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