Computer Technology Essay

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Light Touch Projector

This Light Blue Optics device moves far beyond its projection capability. Light Touch is a small computer, running Windows CE on batteries, with from 2 GB or 32 GB of memory, and it is able to project a virtual keyboard and virtual touch display simultaneously – an image that stays in focus at any distance. Cleaning a virtual keyboard is a simple as swiping the surface with a bar cloth. Holographic diffraction projection displays, such as this, remain clear even when projected onto curved surfaces. WiFi and Bluetooth are included.


Psych…!! You can’t buy the above device because Light Blue Optics wishes to license their software to OEMs. However, you can
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SugarSync – on-line storage

This backup service makes it so easy to store files online, and then to access them with a PC, Mac or hand held mobile device. Just point SugarSync to specific folders on your computer and those files contained in it will be constantly synchronized and available anywhere. Up to five previous versions can be restored. Some of us keep all of our digital photos at home, where a calamitous event could destroy the entire collection, no matter if duplicates exist stored in the same location. Most online storage services hosting large amounts of data require payment. SugarSync is no exception, but a free account offers 2 GB (with a restriction only on the number of computers allowed to access the files.) If you’d prefer to deal with a Canadian company, come to the March meeting, where Canadian Data Protection, of Oshawa, will explain their homegrown backup/storage solutions.


Let’s say your computer lacks a mouse, or you lost your tablet pen, or you just prefer using a keyboard for input. Some keyboard commands are friendly – like cut/copy/paste – but they only work after highlighting with a mouse. Web browsing with a keyboard is particularly difficult without a mouse, unless you use gleeBox (for Firefox/Chrome). GleeBox users may find many of its features (too numerous to mention here) so useful that

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