Essay on Computer Systems: GPUs and CPUs

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GPUs and CPUs are used in a variety of computer systems. They can be used to even view the heavens. They are what enable us to send messages halfway across the world in a matter of milliseconds. They are the reason why science is as advanced as it is today. In modern society, teenagers rely on the CPU for the internet. It is a source of entertainment, social networking, homework help, and even sometimes friendships. Many adults use the GPU and CPU to write documents, to use email, paychecks, social security, important document storage, and even Solitaire.
A GPU is a chipset that resides in computer systems. It stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is used for displaying and processing images to be viewed by the user. CPUs are a singular
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“Graphics processing units (GPUs) have, for many years, powered the display of images and motion on computer displays. GPUs are now powerful enough to do more than just move images across the screen. They are capable of performing high-end computations that are the staple of many engineering activities.”(Peter Varhol). The GPU might seem a bit slower or less powerful than a CPU from what was told in the last paragraph, but in reality, GPUs are faster and more powerful than CPUs While CPUs have 1-64 cores, GPUs have thousands. Cores are physical processors built inside of the chip doing the processing of data between the GPU, RAM, Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Cache (the 8 Megabytes of storage inside the processor), the internet, and even sometimes other CPUs. CPUs can reach a blistering speed of 5 GHz; Radio stations send frequencies in MHz, Hz is the short term for hertz. 1 Hertz is equal to 1 cycle or rotation. A KHz is 1,000 Hz; it is the short term for Kilohertz. Then comes MHz or Megahertz, They are worth 1,000 KHz. Then, finally, there is GHz or Gigahertz. These are worth 1,000 MHz Each Hz is done in one second. So imagine 5 GHZ, and then imagine 8 cores running at 5 GHz each. That is about 40 GHz in processing power! But then there are GPUs. They have THOUSANDS of cores that run a bit slower than CPUs normally do. This is to keep them from combusting

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