Computer Generated Images (CGI) Essay

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Computer Generated Images, or CGI, is a form of Computer Graphics design, and animations, that make a image look 3D. These images are shown all throughout the media world, industry, and business, such as print media, tv, movies, pictures, commercials, etc. CGI’s have improved rapidly on software that helps our world improve on computer generated imaging. CGI software’s is used to make graphical design for purposes like movies in the theater. CGI companies and software’s, has made the technology age, and its computer has increase in speeds, and has allowed computer graphics programmers, and other companies, to make better quality films, games, and electronic digital photos on their CPU’s, or laptops. Because of the new advancement …show more content…
Statistic images use a very fragile extension or extra part that produces a method, know as the triangular mesh, and what this method does, is that it takes the algorithms, or the rules, and starts with a large triangle shaped object, and it zooms into 4 smaller triangles, or in scientific terms, the “Sierpinski triangles”. then with the triangles divided, they inserts the highest point from it's nearest point. When all of this is created, it produces a Brownian surface, achieved by adding sound waves, and different levels, or stages of mesh, and eventually it leads up to a topographical maps, making the impression of a landscapes, and that is how you design and discover statistic images, with fractal algorithms.

Architectural scenes, use acquired services from different sources of computer graphics, to make the image 3D, and more intellectual, and visually, appearing to costumers, and creators. This component used more generated models, technical and more moderate dra wings to make archetectual drawings, or more structural drawings like buildings, to give it a more stable bond between the structure and the environment. Archetectual scenes also use modelling tools to make the designer or architect to be able to visualize or see the steps required to produce the architectural scene, creating a interactive environment between urban, and building levels. Architectural application require very specific and precise details on

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