Colonies Under The Brisith Government Control Essay

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Good Arguments For many years, Americans were very flattering and liabilities with respect to the abuse and exploitation of the British government. It was many years before they realized it was time to have self-government and control of their own laws. With the arrival of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact, the first stone of a system based on political representation was established. From a general point of view, the Americans had 3 main causes for free from English control: excessive taxation, creation of impartial laws, and oppression of equal rights. Therefore, Americans were justified to declare their independence from Great Britain. The excessive taxation was a double-edged sword for the English. They thought that with …show more content…
The establishment of commercial restrictions and fiscal charges created more upsets among citizens, artisans and merchants. Due to the imposition of these laws, Americans were banned many privileges they attached them economic profits; for example the Sugar Act prohibited the purchase of sugar to the French Caribbean; while the Monetary Act banned the emission of local money bills in the colonies. In “The “Olive Branch Petition” of the Second Continental Congress.” From 1775, John Hancock claims “The Parliament, undefaced by the imputation or even the suspicion of any offense, they were alarmed by a new system of statutes and regulations, adopted for the administration of the Colonies, that filled their minds with the most painful fears and jealousies, and, to their inexpressible astonishment, perceived the danger of a foreign quarrel quickly succeeded by domestic dangers, in their judgment of a more dreadful kind.” through this argument, it is understood that the English by establishing those laws caused the discontent of the colonists, therefore they

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