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George Orwell’s novel Burmese Days is set in 1920’s Burma under British colonialism. It focuses on the imperialism of the British and its effects on the relationships between the British, the British and Indians, and between the Indians themselves. The novel concentrates on the town of Kyauktada in Upper Burma.
     Kyauktada is described as hot and sultry. It is a small town of about four thousand. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants are Burmese, but there are also a hundred Indians, two Eurasians, sixty Chinese, and Seven Europeans. (Pg. 16) It is near the jungle and the Irrawaddy River. There are many trees and flowers, including honeysuckle. Though the English have jobs to perform
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The first description of Ellis it that of a “tiny wiry-haired fellow with a pale, sharp-featured face and restless movements.'; (Pg. 20) When a notice in posted in the Club that consideration will begin to allow high-ranking natives in the Club, Ellis becomes enraged. Ellis is, at all times, “spiteful and perverse.'; (Pg. 25) His behavior characterizes him as a “bad'; Englishman. It is also through Ellis’s beliefs and actions that one begins to understand the British self-image.
Ellis repeatedly refers to the natives as niggers and degrades them. When the question of allowing natives in the Club surfaces, Ellis communicates the reason that the British are in Burma is to “govern a set of damn black swine who’ve been slaves since the beginning of history.'; (Pg, 25) Mr. He feels it is an outrage that they are treating the natives as equals rather than “ruling them in the only way they understand.'; (Pg 25) Ellis continues on to berate Flory, Maxwell, and Westfield (the chief of police) for their relationships with natives. The majority of Englishmen in Burmese Days hold the belief that they are superior to the Burmese, however none do so as adamantly as Ellis.
The inferiority of the natives is related in many ways. One method Orwell uses is the description of the natives. When Ma Hla May, Flory’s mistress, and Elizabeth see another the differences

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