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At, it is stated that animation is "the art or process of preparing animated cartoons, an animated cartoon". According to Collins dictionary, animation is a "technique of making cartoon films". Cartoons are not only a way of entertaining us; they are a form of expression. They can express emotions, points of view and criticism. As some one once said: "it doesn't matter what you say, but how you say it".

Cartoons date back to the days of Benjamin Franklin, where they were mainly used to express political points of view. Their use as a daily commentary did not begin until the end of the nineteenth century, when advances in technology made it possible to reproduce
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There is no such thing as a general purpose for cartoons. What was once their original purpose, commenting on politics via the newspaper, is now one of its smallest uses, although it has not disappeared altogether. Examples of modern day political cartoons can be seen in the "Semana" magazine, where cartoons are used to criticize the Government and the Freedom Fighters, commonly known as Guerrillas. The modern purpose, or at least the most widely used, is entertainment, especially, but not only, for younger audiences ranging from 3 to 13 years of age.

One might think that all modern day animations must be funny or comical in order for them to be categorized as cartoons but the truth is that there are various genres of animations. Some, targeted for the previously stated audiences, merely entertain (i.e. Disney's Mickey Mouse, Warner's Bugs Bunny, X-men, etc) whilst others, targeted on more mature audiences, handle a more adult humor and in some cases the themes are more philosophically developed (i.e. Evangelion, South Park, Bubblegum Crisis, etc). A characteristic which may separate child cartoons from more mature ones is the development of a plot line. Animations for three-year-olds, such as Mickey Mouse, consist only on episodes which have a random theme while on the other hand, more mature animations are in the form of a series,

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