Essay on A Day in the Life Sociology

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Alix Grimm

A Day in the Life

I wake up at 4:45 am in the morning to fix my fiancé, Josh, breakfast and pack his lunch. He allows me to stay at home with our kids and not work so I can complete school so I do what I can to help provide for him. This role is important because he is our provider so in return I provide for him. This demonstrates a functionalist society. A functionalist society is one that demonstrates everyone plays a part in order to function.

As I am cooking breakfast Josh‘s mom enters the kitchen and says a simple good morning. I can tell she is tired and that seeing me in my pajamas every morning while she has to get ready for work is not very appealing. She always makes gestures on how lucky I am to
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Alienation is an individual's estrangement from traditional community or others in general based on social norms or morals. In this case I do my best to impress the older mothers around me so they do not base an opinion merely on age.

One parent never speaks to me. I have heard her speak to the teacher but it is very seldom because she is not very fluent in English. Someday she will wave but others she will just look away. This demonstrates the social concept on culture. Culture consists of the beliefs, objects and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society. In this mothers case in her culture they speak Spanish. This creates a barrier and does not allow us to communicate very well.

After I drop the kids off at school I head to Panera. I love to coupon so two of my friends, Adrianne and Talaine always meet me to help clip coupons. Many of the employees refer to us as the coupon crew. I always laugh because they come ask many questions about couponing. We form a social group. Social groups consist of two or more people who interact with one another and who recognize themselves as a social unit. We recognize ourselves as a social unit that clips coupons and meets at Panera regularly.

Normally I eat but on this day I wasn’t up for a whole meal so I decided to get coffee. I got in line and was immediately greeted by the associate. The associate demonstrated the social

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