Xbox 360 Vs. Computer Essay

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Xbox 360 VS Computer
There are many advantages and disadvantages to choosing an Xbox 360 or a computer as your game system from the two gaming franchise giants. Both share many of the same goals as the other, yet they take different paths in providing entertainment for their targeted players, and for this reason, there is the constant debate over which is the better system to play games on.
Each counsels attract vast crowds of people, and it is estimated that over half a billion people across the plant play more than an hour a day on their computer while some eighty million Xbox 360 units have been sold since its launch in 2005. It is clear the globe loves to play on its systems and play games, and with a never ending supply of games at once finger tips, people across the world are sure to being playing them. With an endless range of games, both PC and Xbox 360 users can enjoy the latest sports sensation FIFA 15 to the action-packed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but they are not limited there. Both systems have the incredible ability to download extra content and add-ons to further extend their entertainment value. So now that glorious adventure you took that lasted a week, can be increased to as long as you want. The fun never has to stop. However, depending on what kind of fun you want and how much you are willing to spend will determine if you are an Xbox 360 or PC gamer.
Now before one can accurately assess the values and disvalues of these two counsels, one thing…

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