Essay on Women During The War For America 's Independence

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There is a gender amnesia that surrounds the American Revolution. For many Americans, the Revolution consisted of noble generals and brave citizen-soldiers. It is often portrayed that the American Revolution was exclusively an all-male event. When telling the story of the Revolution, one must not forget the complex role women took on during that time. Carol Berkin, author of Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence, writes the stories of many women and examines the view of war through the eyes of these women who played no formal role, but were a key to the American Revolution victory. Years before the fight for independence, women played a great role in the fight against taxation by the British. Women took on the role of saying “no” to merchants who continued to offer British goods during the boycott. This movement became American women’s first political act and it had a great effect since women were major consumers and purchasers during the time. Berkin also gives the example of “a group of brides-to-be who said no to their fiancés, putting a public notice in the newspaper that they would not marry men who applied for a stamped marriage license” (14). Because of this movement, the Stamp Act was repealed in March 1766. In another instance, 300 women pledged to refrain from the use of tea and after having their names published in the Boston Evening Post on February 12, 1770, nearly one hundred more women announced they would join the boycott…

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