Why Schools Should Be Implemented Into The School Curriculum For Children

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A study carried out by O2 (2013) found that “Britain will need 750,000 skilled digital workers by 2017 - and if we can’t support that growth, it could result in costing the UK as much as £2bn each year”. If this isn’t alarming enough, research conducted by Next Gen Skills (2011) showed that “there were just 56,025 UK computer science graduates in 2011, which was a drop of 23.3% over the past 10 years.” Reiterating the point that coding should be implemented into the school curriculum for children to learn. There are many reasons behind why schools should be teaching children how to code for instance the huge skills gap that is soon going to hit UK as well as the rest of Europe. Also the way that the modern day economy is going it is going to be a vital aspect to have because the more we modernise the more computing technology is going to be involved in peoples everyday life. It is also seen from many well known industry experts as a new form of literacy, as they see that there will be no way in the future that people will be able to get by and function successfully without being able to command computer functions. Making coding a compulsory subject for schools will provide universities with a steady flow of computing related subject graduates, making for an improved computing industry that will help the UK catch up with the rest of the world and this will also help close the huge skill gap that is upon us today. I believe that there really is only one way forward and that is…

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