Why Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Great Man? Essay

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“…History is created by people and the role of the individual cannot be denied, even though it needs to be seen in a historical context. While there are limits to the role played by individuals, might the part they play in critical circumstances be decisive in the chain of causality?” Pertaining to this ‘Great Man Theory’ it can be said that Franklin Delano Roosevelt upheld his victorious and highly regarded government through means of social, economic and political reforms, as well as ambitious personal and strategic decisions that have successfully remained influential to American society today and maintained his image as a prominent historic leader.

Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd President of America from 1933 – 1945, eminent
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When Roosevelt was elected into presidency he promised that under his government he would act decisively to end the Depression. Once in office, FDR said yes to almost every plan put forward by advisors and congress said yes to almost ever program proposed b the President. Barbara Welke from the History Channel Website provides information on the programs Roosevelt initiated; one part of the whole program was to promote recovery, supply relief to the needy and furnish permanent reforms especially in banks and stock exchanges. WWII ended both the temporary New Deal programs and the Depression the Roosevelt government was attempting to cure but many facets of the New Deal have remained features of American life from the 1930’s until the present. Barbara Welke author and reporter stated that FDR spearheaded the successful wartime alliance between the Soviet Union, Britain and the US. And that he helped to lay the groundwork for the post-war peace organization that would become the United Nations. While many favor Roosevelt’s decision Republicans and several members of congress argue that he made some poor appointments such as never giving his quickly put together war administration real organization. Robert A Guisepi, an American correspondent believes that another way of understanding Roosevelt’s Depression fighting efforts is to analyze the New Deal Initiative. The Aim of the New Deal was essentially conservative and it sought to save capitalism and

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