What Was The First Plan Of Union Of The Colonies At The Albany Conference?

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In 1754, Benjamin Franklin proposed the first plan of union to the colonies at the Albany Conference. The proposition was later referred to as the Albany Plan, a milestone in American history. Never before was there an attempt among the colonies to unify the colonist under a single, cooperative government. This failed notion was ahead of its time because it would take the colonies twenty years before they finally united under one government. During that time a shift in loyalty towards Britain changed and was overwhelmed with the desire for independence. The unified movements for independence in the colonies were fueled by the betrayal of the Proclamation line of 1763 and through Patrick Henry’s disagreement of the Stamp Act of 1765. Until the American Revolution, the colonies were Britain’s most loyal subjects. Many believed in the king’s rule and respected their British descent with strong ties to their homeland. When Britain made decisions, the colonists stood by them and even took up arms with them, therefore it was no surprise that the colonists followed the British into war against France. They fought along side them in a harsh and unfamiliar war tactics against the Native Americans that left the colonists with many tragedies, such as the massacre after the siege of Fort William Henry. Even though all sides experienced loss, the colonies believed that they would be compensated after the war for their loyalty and lives they have paid towards the British cause. The…

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