What Are The Four Types Of Computer Memory And How They Work Essays

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In this essay I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic storage, optical storage, and solid state storage in reference to their versatility, durability, capacity, access time, and transfer rate. I will briefly touch on what a microprocessor is and it correlation to software, as well as discuss the four types of computer memory and how they work. I will finish up the essay discussing the differences between a computer program, system software, application software, and an operating system while rounding out the end of the essay discussing digitization and its significance.

In regards to magnetic storage, it is storage that is stored on a disc or tape surface by magnetizing particles. An advantage of magnetic storage would be that it provides a great amount of storage capacity, fast access to the files stored on it, and is very economical, considering one gigabyte of data is only five cents. A disadvantage to magnetic storage would be its loss of magnetic charge that could result in losing any data saved which makes it makes it not as durable and is why you should always backup your files. The average data transfer rate for this storage is about 57,000 KBps and an access time of 6 to 11 ms.

Optical storage refers to cd’s, dvd’s, and blu ray technology. Storage saved on these devices are done so by storing data on microscopic light and dark spots on a disc surface. An advantage of optical storage would be its durability due to the surface of this disc…

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