Essay Uses And Benefits Of Therapeutic Touch

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As I explore my research question, what are uses and benefits of therapeutic touch, my goal is to educate and invite intelligent conversations on this subject matter as opposed to persuade or convince one that touch has a connection to health. Writing as inquiry provides me way to accomplish this goal in that it is a free-thinking approach that liberates the investigator from the confinement of persuading others without prohibiting persuasion, while at the same time it creates a platform for scholarly conversation around a field of study (Lauer,1982,p. 89; Speedy, 2005, p,63-64). Writing as inquiry has been described as a “unique way of learning [with] the ability to go beyond what is known… [and this approach has the potential to] prepare [one] for the discovery of insights [as well as] presupposing the ability to formulate and solve problems” (Lauer, 1982, p.89). The process of writing as inquiry uses of memory, association and incubation of information and such is a process of the conscience mind causing contemplation to occur on a sub-conscious level (Lauer, 1982, p.91).
I propose that writing as inquiry has potential to inspire me to ask consequential questions that may add to or challenge reputable information within my own field of study (Lauer, 1982, p.89). Not only do such questions “guild inquiry, well formulated questions give a direction because it tells the writer whether to seek a why or what…, and thus points out one avenue for exploration and excludes…

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