Use Of The Gibbs Reflective Cycle Essays

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This essay will use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1998) and will look at a specific event that happened during my placement and the role of NHS Education for Scotland (NES, 2012) 10 Essential Shared Capabilities (ESC 's) and how Module 3, Involving People relates to the event which occurred.


The 10 ESC 's (NES, 2012) is a resource that was created to ensure high quality care is provided to all, that the care is non-discriminatory and that it is person centred. It should be used as a tool by nurses to help improve their own care. During placement with the health visitors, I met with a situation which is covered by the 10 ESC 's Involving People module, which centres around involving people with their care (NES, 2012). I met a single parent father of a 15 month old boy whose speech was developing slowly. A Schedule of Growth Skills (SOGS) test (Scottish Government, 2012) showed that developmentally he was behind on his language and communication. It became clear while discussing with the father that both the child and father were socially isolated as they were new to the area. The father also did not have much interaction with the child beyond its basic needs, usually the boy would entertain himself.
This meant the child was not having enough social interaction in order to try and encourage his speech. My mentor and I had to explain the importance of interaction such as reading to your child in order to bring on his speech. We also suggested that nearby…

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