Use Of Humor By Professors And Their Use Off Color Humor Essay

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This research paper aims to draw a direct connection between the Social Learning Theory and how the reinforcement of gender stereotypes directly influence how undergraduate college students perceive professors and their use off-color humor. More specifically, this study examines how when professors of the opposite gender use the exact same type of humor the female professor will more likely be perceived as inappropriate and possibly unprofessional. The study will offer a hypothetical experiment in order to test the proposed hypothesis. Since the hypothesis of this study is focused on the use of humor by professors and the interpretation of their students. The method designed, manipulated the level and use of off-humor while instructing by both male and female professors, and then measured the effectiveness of such humor by surveying and observing each student. The findings of such experiment would reveal that though all professors where using the exact same level and use of humor, the undergraduate students would deem the female as more inappropriate and unprofessional. Explained from a social learning theory perspective, the findings would highlight how this theory in regards to gender, reinforces and punishes certain behaviors based on societal gender ideals.

Literature Review

Gendered stereotypes are a societal, preconception about attributes or behaviors that are or should be assimilated depending on specific gender. Gender-role stereotypes are categorized as…

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