Use Of Electronic Devices During Classes Essay

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The use of electronic devices during classes has been a discussed issue for long, because of problems regarding the safety of the wireless connection, the costs of using these kind of devices for learning institutions and the personal use each student does with them.
Many researchers argue that technologies used during lectures are only damage for students, because they tend to pass their time on social networks or surfing in Internet rather than follow the lesson. According to Dr. Claire La Roche and Dr. Mary Flanigan the use of electronic devices causes a sort of “retreatism, in which the student is disengaged from the tasks, and expends no energy in attempting to comply with the demands of the tasks” (La Roche, Flanigan, 2013).
Regarding the safety of the wireless connection, Merritt Maxin claims that the major difference between wired and wireless networks is the anonymous, uncontrolled coverage areas between the end points of the network. In a wide area like the one of a university, cellular networks and the wireless medium cannot be controlled at all (Merritt, 2002).
The anonymity of Wi-Fi is undoubtly the most complicated problem. In fact, Internet hides countless dangers. They can include hacking, pornography, and Copyright Infringement/Plagiarism or General Email abuses. People using the ubiquitous technology to conduct personal online transactions or just to leisure their time with the laptop are facing these problems every day. As for young people, the…

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