Essay on Use Of Dropbox At The Client 's Residence

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If the client did use Dropbox this is where they would login. Recommendations
• Start using cloud service like Dropbox which provides 2 GB of free space.

Physical Security
Potential or Actual Vulnerabilities
Listed below are the physical security vulnerabilities discovered during the assessment. These are considered significant and steps should be taken to address them. The list is divided into a list of vulnerabilities that relate to the security perimeter, and the building where the devices are stored. The building group contains vulnerabilities within the Client’s residence. The security perimeter group includes the exterior, windows, doors, alarm system, and the surrounding area.
Exterior lighting off at the client’s Residence
There are several entry points into the client’s residence. There are two entrances 1 in front and one in back. There are also other entrances that an unknown party can use like windows and the balcony if one so desired. The primary residence porch light isn’t lit at night and the rear entrance light in not lit either.

With no lights on the outside potential unknown parties may try to breach the client’s residence in order to steal devices and other important documents.

Observations/Examples Found
The client has lights on the outside that are usually left off at the residence.

Front Entrance:

Rear Entrance (Light top left is off):

• Install lights with sensors in the front…

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