Essay Use Of Artificial Intelligence ( Ai )

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Introduction Machines are used everywhere nowadays, however, there is a huge difference between typical machines and artificial intelligent machines. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the capability of a device to perform activities, which would otherwise only be expected of human brain” (Keswani, 2013, p. 348). For example, robots in malls and hospitals, our smart phones and some programs, and big machines in huge industries that work without a human operator. According to Health Research Funding (2014), US had performed 400,000 different surgeries using robots and the rate of these surgeries is increasing every year by 25%. Additionally, transferring blood during normal surgeries has a rate about 40%, while robotic surgeries has a very small amount of transferring blood almost 0%. From these statistics we can recognize that robots are extremely important in the medical field. Moreover, in industrial field Statista (n.d) noted that, in 2012 robots that were used in industrial field around 159,000, and after three years the robots had overcome 207,000 unit. Japan is now using 1,562 robots per 10,000 employees in car industry. Those data for industrial robots show that AI is playing a crucial role in the industry. Furthermore, World Robotics (2014) added that 4,000,000 robots are being sold in 2013 for individual use, and this amount of selling is higher than the previous year which is 28%. The data listed above displays that robots are getting popular even for personal…

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