Tsa and Reality Essay

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Alexander Palmer

Second Article Critique: TSA now searching cars at airports

Discuss the author's main argument/position and whether you agree/disagree with it. Include your rationale, not simply a review of the article. The author Lance Johnson’s position on this article is whether or not the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) really has the best interest of the people at hand and if they are actually keeping us safer. In the end I think Lance’s main argument is to completely abolish the entire corrupt TSA agency. After reading this article, and having personal experience dealing with the TSA at airports, I tend to agree quite heavily with Lance. I believe the TSA is another bloated bureaucracy that is violating
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Lance then dives into the health concerns of the body scanners, which on record give off harmful rays of radiation and can be a serious health risk to passengers. He also made the point that the EU banned these devices in their airports because of health concerns, but the good ol’ U.S.A. still uses them in full force. Lance’s next point is the dreaded TSA patdowns, which are considered sexual assault on the street, blatantly violates a person’s fourth amendment rights due to unreasonable search and seizure. Finally, Lance talks about a women who came to her car after returning from a flight and found a note that her car had been searched under TSA regulations without her knowledge or consent.

Discuss any logical omissions or errors in the author's argument. I suppose Lance maybe could have talked about the good things the TSA has done and maybe some examples of how the TSA has helped the public and actually kept us safe. But then again, maybe there is no such circumstances. He also could have given some more examples of these illegal car inspections done on valet parked cars.

Discuss whether the author's conclusions were reasonable and if there were alternative conclusions that could be reached based on the evidence presented. I think Lance’s conclusions were very reasonable. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights seems to continually be shredded nowadays.

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