Essay on Troubleshooting Computer Hardware

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Appendix B

Troubleshooting Computer Hardware

In this worksheet, you must identify solutions for three separate computer hardware problems. For each solution, you must prepare an answer of at least 150 words within each of the following Answer boxes.

Part One: Troubleshooting a Failed Boot
|Problem |
|The computer fails to boot. |
|Details |
|Error messages and
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If this fails, the RAM may be faulty and a replacement is needed. |
| |
|Failed operating system. |
|Solution: Use a recovery disk to reinstall damaged or missing files. |
| |
|Bios Settings need adjusting or BIOS battery needs replacing. |
|Solution 1: Replace BIOS battery on motherboard. |
|Solution 2: At startup, go into the BIOS by hitting the del key. Be sure the hard drive is recognized and it is at least second on |
|the boot sequence. |
| |
|Hard Drive has

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