Three Day Orientation Essay

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Orientation for New Hires
May 6, 2012
Wayne Lambeth

In the hiring of new employees for the position of sales clerk there will be a mandatory three day group orientation to understand their duties. The first day will consist of welcoming the new employees to the company as well as allowing them to get feel of the goals of the company. Also on the first day the rules and regulations in addition to the consequences for not adhering to the policies of the company will be explained in the orientation. Sales clerk is associated with customer service, so professionalism is needed at all times. The second day is computer and math skills exam in order to understand our cash register
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Treating the customer with professionalism, respect and courtesy will always be priority one while on their shift. If there are any problems with a customer and you are unable to resolve the complaint then it is to be reported to a supervisor. If a customer is conducting themselves in an improper manner then it is to be reported to security immediately. As employees at this company we offer a competitive salary at ten dollars per hour for all of our new hires that include a benefits package (benefits are available after 90 days of employment). Sick days are earned by receiving three days for every 30 consecutive days of attendance. Promotions will become available after a minimum of 180 days from the date of being hired. Sales clerk assists the customers with their questions and concerns about merchandise inside of the store. The rules and regulations of the company requires sales clerks to adhere to a dress code that will consist of black khaki pants and a white shirt, (a tie is optional). Lunch is for one hour at the scheduled time and two breaks are allowed during your shift. Employees that show up to work unprepared will result in being sent home for the day. There will be under any circumstances shall an employee show any lewd behavior and sexual harassment towards another employee. Attendance and punctuality is required for all employees. If an employee needs to be out of work for a day then they would have to notify their supervisor

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