Thomas Jefferson And His Influence On The United States Essay

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Thomas Jefferson was a well-educated man at his time, such as Benjamin Franklin in the colonies. By the age of nine he had already began to study Latin, Greek and French. Thomas Jefferson is a Federalist and his opponent Alexander Hamilton is an Anti-Federalist. A Federalist is someone who supports the community to create a social government and an Anti-Federalist is someone who does not trust the community and wants to make a national government. Thomas Jefferson made a big impact on the United States in the 1770’s such as The Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, and The University of Virginia. These three things Thomas Jefferson done made a really big impact on the U.S. and changed things in the future for the country and made better for us back then to get jobs and money so we can be out of debt. When Thomas Jefferson was elected as president, he decided to purchase the Louisiana territory from Napoleon Bonaparte. The Louisiana Purchase was a big change to the colonies. It expanded their land and gave them flat land to work on and make family farms, public schools, town halls, and churches for people who want to make little towns in the plains. When Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory he sent someone named Louis and told him to explore the territory that he has purchased and comeback with information about it. Thomas told Lewis that he could bring a friend along for the expedition and the person he has chosen is a man named Clark. Lewis asked…

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