The Value Of Philosophy By Russell Essay

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The quote states “all acquisition of knowledge is an enlargement of the self, but this enlargement is best attained when it is not directly sought” (Russell 1). The interpretation of the quote is that people who attain knowledge from however and wherever, they become more aware of themselves as to why they are the way they are. The quote also means that if people attain knowledge without them seeking for it, is the best way to understand themselves. This can come about watching a well written drama television series or even just listen to an elder speak.
The main argument is, that the more a person learns the aware they become about themselves and their surroundings. In the article “The Value of Philosophy” by Russell, it mentions how people only care about materialistic property in that they forget to expand their minds. He argues that if they do not expand their minds, they will not find themselves, which makes them the same as everybody else. With this quote, people who are materialistic they only care about what is going to be their next obsession instead of seeking for knowledge. Although they do love their materialistic things, they are not learning since they are going to be the same as everyone. If only they attain knowledge with the different surroundings and they would be able to buy something unique from the rest of crowd. One of the quotes strength is that people understand their environment and if they do not like it then they can change it. As mentioned in the…

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