Essay on The Use Of Uniforms On Students Of Color

1109 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
School uniforms are not universally utilized throughout the world. In fact, across the globe people of color are significantly more likely to attend a school that mandates uniforms. Given this, one might postulate that communities of color value school uniforms and therefore, utilize them more often. This paper will suggest that this is not the case and demonstrate the role that colonialism and systemic oppression play in the widespread use of uniforms on students of color. This is increasingly problematic as it sends implicit messages to children about their ability to make decisions and their place in society. I will analyze the global and local patterns that exist with regards to school uniforms particularly the trends found in Japan, Switzerland and the United States. Since uniform use can be attributed to colonialism and systematic oppression, it is necessary that it is understood the way uniforms are implemented today is unethical.
“Cultural racism— the cultural images and messages that affirm the assumed superiority of Whites and the assumed inferiority of people of color – is like smog in the air. Sometimes it is so thick it is visible, other times it is less apparent, but always, day in and day out, we are breathing it in.” – Beverly Tatum. The fact that school uniforms are disproportionately utilized in communities of color is a seamless example of a less apparent form of cultural racism and perpetuates systematic oppression. This is evidenced by…

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