The Use Of Health Information Technology ( Hit ) Essay examples

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Patient-Centric Systems The use of health information technology (HIT) can be seen as a tool that makes it feasible for health care providers to better handle patients ' care through a secured and health information sharing process. By making health information available electronically has also brought health care closer to the patient when and where it is needed. Apart from making health information easily accessible, HIT can make health care more cost effective and improve its quality. Some of the health information technology include consumer health IT applications, clinical decision support, electronic medical record systems (EMRs, EHRs, and PHRs), computerized provider order entry, computerized disease registries, and electronic prescribing. A patient 's care can become vulnerable when changes occur in the person 's condition as well as movement within and between care facilities. Therefore, it is important to facilitate the harmonization of care and changes by using HIT to collect, share, and analyze data that correspond patient-centered information among patients, their families, and care providers across medical facilities and geographical areas (Cipiano, Bowles, Dailey, Dykes, Lamb, and Naylor, 2013). Speedy access to health information can create efficiencies in health care delivery by getting rid of idleness and revealing past health conditions and treatments. This paper will analyze an article written by Murphy (2011) and titled "Information system and…

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