Essay about The Use Of Cellphones Text Messaging

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Position Paper
The use of cellphones text-messaging is an innovative medium of intervention delivery in healthcare. In light of the revolution of the digital era and smartphones, texting has become common. Recent studied show that adolescents prefer to utilize texting to communicate over other communication methods. In the health care field there are few guidelines regarding how to navigate between clinical practice and texting. The guidelines that do exist regarding technology usually emphases on how clinicians should limit texting rather than promoting it. Specifically ethical concepts such as beneficence, nonmaleficence, and autonomy can direct the benefits and drawbacks of using texting. Text messaging can support patients and can prove to be of benefit to clinicians to provide better and more efficient patient care.
Consider the following vignette of a psychiatrist dilemma to text or not to text: "While traveling home from work, a child psychiatrist uses his cell phone to return a message left on his voicemail from a 15-year-old female patient with a history of depression and self-injurious behavior. A few weeks later, at the time of their regularly scheduled appointment, the psychiatrist receives a text message from the patient: “Mom late picking me up—there soon.” The psychiatrist is uneasy but feels that there is little harm in replying: “No problem. I 'm here.” A week later, the patient again texts the psychiatrist: “Lots to talk about but gtg [got to go].” The…

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