The Theft Of A Computer Crime Essay

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There are many types of computer crimes in which people came be a victim by the use of malware, phishing, social engineering, denial of service, and other used to commit identify theft, cyber stalking, fraud, and more. A popular computer crime these days is identify theft, in which an thief will use a person personal information to get money by opening credit cards and other types of accounts, may use health information to get medicines or medical equipment, or use the information for other malicious needs. The identify theft is a computer crime that victimizes a person and it can take years to recover. Today, society is more vulnerable to identity theft with the use of technology than before computers were as popular. There are ways to try to protect oneself from this crime and companies and the government have addressed the issue of identity theft.
Technology is meant to improve our lives but there is also dark side of technology in which hackers use this technology to commit crime to steal information and use it in identity theft or sell to someone. According to Taylor (2011), identity theft is used to get a person personal information and use the information to allow the thief to pretend to be someone else, (p. 5). The victim of identity theft may not know it has happened until a few weeks or months later when the victim starts to get mails or phone calls about bill they did not agree to. If the victim watches their bank account and credit cards, then they may find out…

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