The Structure Of Education And Education Essay example

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The structure of education has changed drastically since it first began. As education grew more popular and schools began to be built in more places, lessons became more uniform and policies began to be put in place to structure education. However, as education has changed throughout the years, so has the quality of the education. In “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education, Paulo Freire uses the comparison of a bank to the current style of education in order to reveal several problems within the education system, suggesting that students are not being taught how to think critically. Paulo Freire uses similes to describe the current education system. In the system, he essentially compares knowledge to “gifts” or “money”, teachers to the rich, and students to the poor (Freire). The teachers, who consider themselves to be full of knowledge, deposit their knowledge into the students, who are considered to know nothing. The teachers and the students are treated as complete opposite forces, as such when the students are expected to listen to the teacher talking and when the students are disciplined by the teachers. In addition, the teachers are the main contributors, or “subject” in the system whereas the students are byproducts and “mere objects” (Freire). The teachers are forced to remain in their strict role and the students are not allowed to be an active part in their education.
This system is creating major problems for both the teachers and the students. Freire states…

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