The Stress Of A Modern Day Educator Essay

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The Stress of a Modern-Day Educator Stress among teachers is increasing due to large workloads and an emphasis on high test scores in their class. Educators must be able to stay focused, however, if society does not decide the reason for the education system to be in effect it will not matter if the teachers are focused or not. Education has always been a part of the world. The first American school was founded almost four hundred years ago, over the years, many things have changed: some of these changes were for the better, but others might not have been for the good of the students’ future. Learning from the past may be the best course of action to reduce stress in educators and set students up for a brighter future. Close to fifty percent of new educators leave teaching within their first year (Cockroft). The stress and pressure put on teachers in the last ten years alone is astounding. Aspiring teachers do not want to be part of the education system as it is right now. The low pay, large workload, and pressure for students to earn high scores on standardized tests is hurting the profession. These modern problems have become a kind of deterrent for new teachers. While seasoned teachers are unhappy with their jobs they have previously enjoyed. Educators play an integral part in society, and yet, teachers are still underpaid and overworked. The stress from these problems is not only hurting the teacher, but also the students. If teachers are unable to focus under…

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