The Storm Of The Hurricane Essay

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Approximately 10 years after the disaster that was Katrina, people still mourn the existence of their serene lives before the storm. Katrina’s powers left millions homeless and close to a thousand dead. Though most of houses were rebuilt and business is back to normal, the cities and towns affected by this tragedy will never be the same. In late August 2005, a tropical storm, soon to be known as one of the biggest hurricanes in American history, formed over the Bahamas. This would be the 12th tropical storm of the hurricane season. On August 23, the tropical storm was picked up by the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida. At the time, the storm was very weak and unorganized, not considered to ever get to the category four hurricane that stripped many Americans of their homes and families. Although as the week went on the storm became stronger and more organized; it rose from no name tropical storm to Hurricane Katrina. On the 25th of August, Katrina was deemed a category one hurricane bringing winds of 75 miles per hour hitting the North Miami and Hallandale Beaches on the southeast coast of Florida. The storm resulted in many fallen trees and the death of two people but overall damage wasn 't nearly as destructive and deleterious as it was about to be.. By morning the storm had weakened yet again and took back the name of tropical storm. At 11:30 a.m. the National Hurricane Center declared the storm as strengthening rapidly as it…

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